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  1. I am going to start a perpetual scrog. every 2 months have 3 more rready to go into the flowering box.
    since the plants will be vegging for about 2 months before i put them into flower, how high above the container should i hang the screen? i was thinking about a foot from the container or 2 feet from the ground?

    thank you in advance for any help at all.
    I will also be using a HPS
  2. what medium and light are you using (w). For a scrog from clone in 2 months ide say about 1.5 ft above pot
  3. alright...ill be using fox farm ocean forest with a 400w hps in 8in pots :smoking:
  4. so if i veg for about 2 weeks, or until the screen is filled, then i flower. how high should the screen be?:smoking:
  5. I question how you are going to "move" plants fully entangled in the screen into the flower box.

    Put the screen a foot maximum from the grow medium, and flower when the screen is about 75% full because the plant with continue vegging (and you need to keep training) for 1-2 weeks after you flip to 12/12.
  6. thanks for the reply shadow shooter.... i knw what you mean about taking the plants into a flower box all tangled up. i have an idea that could innovate the idea of a perpetual scrog....i cant wait to star building it. i think ill be making a sample model in the next couple days. ill update with some pics:smoking:
  7. I'm just saying, there is no way that I could move my plants ANYWHERE becuase the screen is mounted mostly to the walls and the plant is hopelessly entangled.

    If you mount the screen to the pot you may be able to move it, this has been done before.
  8. oh yea ive seen just about everyone with pics has the screen mounted to the wall of the cab. ill build my model in the next two days all ill show you how ill have it work.

    your saying the screen has to be a foot above the pot tho huh?

    and how long would i let those veg from clone and or seed?

    just some questions for me to consider before i get to building :smoking:
  9. How long you veg depends on how fast your plant grows and the size of your screen.. veg until your screen is 75% full.. anticipate approximately 2 weeks of vegetative growth before it stops stretching.. Keep training during this period. The idea is to time it so your screen is full at the same time it stops stretching.. then just let it grow straight up.

    If you get a clone that is taller than a foot, still mount the screen at 1 foot (I actually use about 8 inches, and its more than enough room for me to work with 2 plants) and just carefully bend the stop horizontally into the screen as you place it under it to start the scrog.
  10. alright excellent.... thanks for all the help. ill be around in the next couple days with those pictures. prepared to be amazed (i hope!)

    also, great job on that blueberry...looks great, ill be following you the rest of the way on that one :D
  11. Happy to help out another grower, especially an aspiring ScroG'er. I'm looking forward to see how you're doing this, ill be watching for those pics.

    Thank you :) I love my blueberry babies so much! I'll be sure to get some more pics up and maybe invest in a camera :smoke:
  12. This is why I have come to prefer LST over scrog. If you are assertive and thorough with your LST you can achieve the same results as scrog -- my plants right now look like a scrog just no screen.

    What do you do when it's time to flush?

    The solution for scrog is, as you suggested, to mount the screen to the pot so it is all one "unit", but that can be unwieldy.

    I also agree to keep the screen to within a foot of the soil top (or pot top). All you need is enough room to get in there for housecleaning, no need to let the plants grow a lot of height before they get to the screen.
  13. right on, thanks toastybiz. ill be keeping the screen a foot from the top for sure.

    as you can maybe see in the pics ive been LST'ing those plants, the only thing that i do not like about LST is you only have the rim of the pot to work with tying down.

    i think im gonna have to just let these girls grow out in a bigger box without a screen :(

    if everything is right in my head, flushing should not be a huge procedure, but yes, it will be all one until. and i hope im not just talking it up. it should be cool:smoking:
  14. ok so i have started the construction....should be done in the next day or two.

    so is it hard to flush when you have a scrog because you cant take the plant out of the box right?

    and how much water would i need to flush a plant....its in a 9 in pot, the pot is 7in tall. :smoking:
  15. To flush you need to run at least 3x the soil volume worth of water through the soil (so 9 gal water to flush 3 gal of soil). You obviously need some place for all that water to run out. Unless you have a drain in your grow space you probably will be hauling the plants to a bathtub or shower or hidden outdoor area. Just think about this as you design your scrog, if you come up with a good plan then no issue.

    For LST I drilled holes all around the rim of my pot so that I have ready-made anchor points. I use pipe cleaners (no knots to tie, easy to adjust) and the LST is very quick and simple.

    You referred to pics but I don't see any in this thread or a link, where would I find them?
  16. ok....so three times the volume of soil, got it.

    thats a good idea with the pipe cleaners. on my last grow i had the holes drilled around the pot...

    ya so ill be carrying the plants to a bathtub or somethingof that nature, ill have a good design so no problem

    and ya sorry about the no pics, that was in another thread.... if you have any suggestions id like to hear them.... i do know they are rootbound tho. i know it sucks ill have to fix that when i figure out which ones are my lovely ladies

    heres that thread

    ill post some more pics soon
  17. FWIF I just did a flush on my plants. They are not SCROG but they are almost 6 feet tall and so I couldn't very easily just carry them down to the kitchen sink and do it.

    What worked for me is to leave the plants right where they were and to use a big wet/dry shop vac.

    this worked perfectly. As the resevoir dish filled up I simply sucked the water out of the dish and kept doing it until the flush was complete. No need to move my plants and just had to empty out the shop vac when I was done.

    I am going to try SCROG for my next grow and will be using this simple method to flush again.

  18. Sci-fi-dude, good idea. I don't have a shop vac so that never occurred to me. There's not just one way to do it, whatever works and doesn't result in a flood. :D
  19. yo sci fi, thats a good idea.... i dont have a shop vac either tho..... thanks for the response tho:wave:
  20. hey toasty, another question for me to consider....

    would i be better off with 2 plants in 5 gla buckets or 3 plants in those 9in buckets (probably a gallon or 2)?

    im trying to reach a half pound harvest every time.
    do you think that is reachable with the ScrOG?

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