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Have a quick question regarding the battery with the MFLB

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MuffinCharger, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. So I recently got a magic flight launch box, and my friend has one as well. He claims that you can only push in the battery for about 12 seconds, and not to push it in unless I am breathing it in. However, I've read before that the max time you can push the battery in is about 60 seconds, and that you should wait to breathe in until you see the vapor actually form inside, which entirely contradicts what my friend said. Which is true? Or is it something else?

  2. Start your inhale after you see the first bit of vapor forming. You can hold the battery as long as you want, but you must control the temperature with how strong you are inhaling. To hot and the weed will actually combust and start smoldering. To cold and you won't get much vapor. The MFLB has a bit of a learning curve but totally worth it.
  3. yea this. get the mflb.
  4. 2nd that^^^
  5. Your friend is being silly. Hold the battery until you want to breath and keep holding while breathing if you want. You'll learn and become a master. Don't burn your bud and make sure to mix it up
  6. I recently bought the MFLB for myself this past summer and at first I wasn't a huge fan, but when you find the right technique you'll be laughing. To be honest your friend probably hasn't even done any testing with his own MFLB cause if he did he would know that the vape doesn't just appear instantly. My general rule is to hold the battery till you can see vapor then gently take small sips until your lung capacity is almost full, release battery, draw any remaining vapor. As someone said above me it is crucial that you opened it up every 2-3 tokes and mix it up. I learned this the first time I ever used my MFLB since the weed started to cherry inside the chamber after not stirring it up.

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