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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jefferey, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. What charges can you recieve if you get caught growing weed inside someone elses house. THey moved out never sold it but dont come around at all. This is in the middle of no where in Florida. I want to put a couple of plants in there but not sure because of the electric situation for fans and lighting. By the way, no one would notice its abandoned.
  2. I would highly advise against that for various reasons. You never know when someone will decide to check in on the house. How do you know some other people don't go there to do God knows what (I remember exploring abandoned house as a teen ... would have loved to stumble upon that ). Its probably an extra charge as well since you don't own it.

    Why not check out micro stealth grows and do it in your house?
  3. norml.org will tell you the laws in your state. Getting caught growing in someone else's house is no different under the law than getting caught growing in your own house.

    Growing in someone else's house is a really bad idea, you don't have a secure situation that way.
  4. first you'll be charged with tresspassing,then first degree cultivation of marijuana and manufacturing of cds
  5. being a dick for one. lol
  6. lol thats a good 1 !!
  7. What about asset forfeiture? You cant forfeit what you dont own..
  8. Good point. I said it would be no different under the law, and I meant the MJ cultivation charges. Trespassing on top of that (and maybe breaking and entering, conspiracy, other charges) certainly would be on the table as well.
  9. In short I see two things happening..

    1. You start growing and they have electricity and the bill starts going up.. They realize someone must be in the house and report it.. You get caught for growing, breaking and entering, trespassing, and depending on what they find paraphernalia and trafficking.. What state are you in? google that and mj growing laws and check it out..

    2. You go there and the electricity is off so you have to buy a generator which is pretty expensive.. A hobo goes in, finds it, and steals your grow..

    Either way I wouldn't risk it.. You are going to get caught and they can press charges on you if you do.. Your choice though.. Good luck with whatever you decide..

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