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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Axefan, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. So I'm middle aged and just started smoking. My first experience was with some master kush. I liked it. Usually 3 or 4 hits from a pipe had me feeling good. Next time I got pot it was a different strain. Sour diesel. Did a few pipe hits from this and was feeling good. I went to my local head shop and they ended up selling me a Roor bong. I put some ice in it. Some water and did my first bong hit ever. Was a pretty big hit and I coughed my ass off. I relit and did one more hit to finish the bowl. Within seconds I was dizzy, exhausted and nauseas. I made it upstairs to my bed and fought off the urge to throw up. I also felt my heart racing and as though my throat was closing up. I was convincing myself I couldn't breath I slept off and on and finally about three hours later I woke feeling better. I guess as a beginner my question is wtf. Someone shed some light on this for me. Doesn't seem like I had a normal reaction to this situation ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Your not used to hits of that size. You got so much of the thc and other active cannabanoids at once that you couldnt handle it and got nauseaus. also the nausea was prolly caused by that huge amount of smoke. next time try to take smaller hits and take your time. also drink plenty of water because that helps prevent nausea/ stop nausea.
  3. I appreciate your insight. It's actually turned me off to the bong for now. I think you're right. I also think I may have swallowed a boat load of smoke during the hits too. Maybe I'll stick to the pipe until I get more used to it ?
  4. Panic attack you got way to high, take a small hit and wait ten mins or so to see how it affects you. If you don't have a tolerance it can really creep up on you but as far as the bong goes I'd probably go back to the pipe for a month or so at least until your tolerance is a little higher. Hope this helped.
  5. It did help. I appreciate it. I guess I'm finding out I have a really low tolerance. Amazing what doing too much feels like. Not like being drunk at all. Some crazy things go on in your head with this lol. Thanks again for the replies.
  6. we all take  a day off at least once per week in order to restore/flush our dopamine receptors which enables an enjoyable high.
  7. I haven't done it since that night... Last Thursday. Maybe I need to get back on the horse again lol. I'll remember about that day off a week. Thanx man.
  8. Yeah, you're good. That just happens. You got way too much at once. It's pretty much OD'ing, but luckily it's not the same as OD'ing on opiates, cocaine or alcohol. It happens sometimes when you get  a new strain and don't know how powerful it is or switch how you take it. It's always best to go slow with something new.
  9. I'm not sure if your in a mmj state or how your connections are but I would opt for a more indica dominate strain next time if available that should reduce the issue significantly as well many people experience panic attacks from sativas. Sour d's a pretty intense sativa.

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