have a new grow room, advice needed please.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by thefarmer355, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. me and a friend have acquired a new grow room, rough size is around 12x12 with 7ft ceiling. We would like to veg under t5's or similar and flower under hps. could i get some advice on what would be most efficient for a simple setup
  2. How many plants are you trying to grow? Are you able to cut a few holes to get optimum ventilation?

    I would use T5's for veg as you had mentioned, and then either two or three 1000w HPS lights for flowering. If heat is an issue you could use 600w lights. I definitely recommend air cooling your lights!
  3. If you want more detailed instruction on how I would do it, just send me a PM. Good luck!
  4. 12x12 ft room, say 2 rooms, 1 veg and 1 bud each 6x6, although vegging prefers larger maybe 8x6', for the bud I'd have 2 600w hps with heat extraction

    The vegging 8'ishx6 ft I'd have 4 T5 racks on one side and another T5 x 48" on the other for cloning, maybe 250w Mh, over the mother in the corner.....easy!

    Or you can take a look at my library in my blog

  5. Not sure on how many plants, and yes i agree on the veg room being a bit bigger. but i was thinking of running 400watt hps to reduce heat.. a 400watt light does cover a 4x4 area correct? I still have to insulate and panel the inside of the room i was just looking for some advice and criticism. Thanks for your replies
  6. ...I would consider 600 watt HPS (aircooled) for your flowering room.
  7. i was thinking that a 600watt would work better, but i'm concerned about them heating up the room too much. As far as ventilation im at a stand still, was thinking just a fresh air in, old air out setup.

  8. ...fresh air works well, good idea. If you aircool your light with an aircooled hood and inline fan, heat shouldn't be much of an issue. The 600 is the most efficient bulb, I love'em. :D
  9. thanks for the replies you guys!

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