Have a Magic Flight Launch Box? Something similar? Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by rubythered, May 21, 2010.

  1. Im looking to get a vaporizer good for a dorm room/apartment. So i was thinking small, discrete, and low on the odor. This seems to be my best bet. Reviews for it? If you have something better you would like to share, please do!
  2. No the MF LB is the best, get one and don't look back. It's for sure the best quality for the price. It's an amazing little unit I think I'm gonna use mine now.:)
  3. whoa haha well alright sounds pretty damn good thanks! i just have one question: How much of an odor of Mj does it put out? a little smell is no problem of course, i would expect that. But i dont want shit to reak or anything.
  4. This launch box is good, I happen to own a Vapor Genie and I love it. The fact that the screw on head is the actual "vaporizing" part makes it fun to get creative. Ex: I've used the VG head on some cheap china bubblers with the same threads as the vapor genie and it works great! but yeah the launch box is probably better for storage and most people won't know that the fack it is, haha.

    EDIT: as for odours yeah,it's going to smell a bit but just blow it out a window or something
  5. Well you should hold the vapor in your lungs until nothing is exhaled. But even if you do exhale some vapor it will smell nothing like smoke, more like popcorn or nothing it all. It won't smell more then the bud itself.
  6. Alright then looks like i am going to go with this then! thank you guys. Im pumped ive never vaporized before so this will all be new for me.
  7. Make sure you carefully go over the instructions at least a few times, you don't want to risk accidently burning it. Gl
  8. I love my box its awesome. Whereas before i couldn't smoke at home because of parents and would take the bong outside, now i can blaze in my room, downstairs, where ever and my parents haven't complained about the smell once. Its really efficient as well.
  9. i reallllly want one but 100 bucks seems steep :(
  10. also the batteries would be sooooooo expensive :( how long does 1 bat last?
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    Batteries are like 10 a pack, you get 4, and they last like a month with heavy use.

    I prefer my VaporGenie over everything, I get the hugest vape clouds. And I can use it in my bong.

    But the Magic Flight is the BEST for portability/stealth. Without a doubt.

    One battery lasted me like, a full bowl, and a half. ( GET A 15 MINUTE CHARGER )
  12. I just wanted to add that while my iolite was convenient, it flat out sucks.

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