have a few questions before I start growing...

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  1. Okay here is my situation. I plan on starting a micro grow. I'm going to get a container about 3-4 feet tall, 2 feet wide. Since this is my first grow I'm going to have one plant.

    I know nothing about nutrients my plant will need. I was told to use Nutri-grow in the water but only use it every other time I water during the vegitative stage. What do you guys think?

    Also I'm not sure on what light or lights to get. I would love some input real soon. Thanks
  2. You can make do with CFLs. Go to home depot get 6500k Daylight CFLs. You will see them right away. The other ones are soft white CFLs..those are for flowering when you get there. Get some clamps or mounts to put in your box. You will want to paint it white or line with mylar as well.

    Watch the heat to. Get a fan to circulate air.

    As for nutes get Fox Farm trio of nutes. There great and come with a handy feeding sced. You can get them online. Amazon is a good place. I would suggest read all of the stickies on this website and do some google searches. I am just now starting my 2nd grow and have learned a incredible amount in the span of just 2 months.
  3. With the nutes do I use them throughout my grow or only during certain stages? I'm aware of most of the other basics that i need to know for my box. fans, temps, ph, ect.
  4. And also will one light do for one plant? How many do you recommend?

  5. get Fox Farms trio of nutes and it has a very detailed feeding chart. if you look on here you'll find it in one of the stickies on it.

  6. Read the CFL lighting guide bro. Has pages of data on it. Its in the Absolute Beginners guide section.
  7. Thanks rhapsodyrcks, I like your current grow by the way :)

    I'm hoping to have my box set up by the end of the week
  8. Thanks. The guides are interesting and very informative on here. Its how I learned everything. Great community as well!

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