Have a few leaf problems

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    Anyone got some ides on what these could be?
    All these pictures come from different plants in the veg room and fairly isolated to a few leaves on the or just one on the plants

    #1 Slight powdery sort of silverish color on clone

    #2 Some slight yellowing

    #3 Tips curling under

    #4 Another slight yellowing

    #5 Looks like it got a bruisin

    #6 & 7 Bug got the munchies

    Use Foxfarm ocean forest, Ph 6.5, Foxfarm 1/2 strength nutes on weekly basis, 400 MH 18/6, recent 3weeks thrip appearance last treated x 3 every 4 days ending 1 week ago, no new signs.

    #5 Looks like it got a bruisin

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  2. Thanks for all the help
  3. your having what looks to be a k def and in pic 3 over dose of n
    and the little holes are from a bug that,s in your garden
    sorry we are late and i hope your plant gets better:hello:

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