Have a 5-chamber bubbler that I can't clean

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    those 'white' spots can be cleaned off, that's just from boiling this thing for hours. what happens is i boil it and it cleans all the resin off the one side and then it floats to the top of the other, but even then it's never fully gone. alcohol doesn't feel like it would be strong enough. how do i clean this when there's only a hole at the mouthpiece and a hole at the bowl/carb? when liquid goes into it, you can try and remove it, but you can only get like 95% of it out, it's very hard to remove liquid, which is why i'm risky about trying alcohol in it.

    EDIT: used gasoline to clean it. results after less than 24 hours of soaking:
  2. Was that clear at one point?...
  3. LOL yes
  4. best bet is to soak it in iso 97% with salt for as long as possible agitating it every couple hours or something, idk thats gross as hell ahaha
  5. WHOLLY SHIT!!!! lol thats going to take more than alcohol get some simple green and let it soak for like two days then rinse really well.
  6. do you think that would do it? what does 'long as possible' translate to? a day, two days, five? how much salt? a lil, a lot? i really want to clean this thing, because this thing is immaculate when it is clean. it's literally the best piece i've ever hit and most of the people who've tried it have ever hit -- WHEN IT'S CLEAN LOL!!

    it's basically a vaporizer with the head high of a bong
  7. DO That^^ after letting it soak in Paint thinner/gasoline. If it dosent get it clean nothing will
  8. Whats all that shit in the middle? :eek:

  9. put 90% alc in it. let is soak and keep shaking it, after down, u could rise with water or just boil it again, alcohol evaps before water.
  10. seriously??? gasoline? i mean, okay, but is it going to be safe to smoke afterwards?

    so i should try the 97% rubbing alcohol + salt combo and if that doesn't work just go gasoline LOL?
  11. from when it was boiling, you can scratch that shit off with a nail, or just clean it off with a washcloth and water, but yeah i'm lazy lmao
  12. i love how active this thread is. thanks for the prompt responses.
  13. That's why you gotta rinse those multi chambered pieces after every use lol. Maybe let it soak in iso for a long time and boiling water.
  14. good luck getting salt into all 5 chambers

    just fill it up with Simple green and leave it for a few days (2)

    then run it under your bath faucet

    Good luck on the cleansing

    Post some pics when its clean I've got a thing for mulit chambered bubblers, how much did you pay for yours?
  15. i actually completely refill the water every time, the res just sticks
  16. mine was $200, the glass is very strong, custom-made, got it on etsy
  17. Thats why i said wash with iso after. That will remove the gasoline. Seriously though i use super degreaser from family dollar. Put it on the mouth piece and just keep squirting it in. Let Sit. Then alcohol to remove the chemicals. Then water. If you didnt let it get that dirty it would be easier to clean
  18. no no skip all that and get some simple green 5 bucks for a gallon its super consecrated ans is better for removing hard stains like that than alcohol and alot quicker.
  19. Dude i saw that pipe on etsy uh 2-3 months ago Maby?... Damn

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