Have $700, What do I need?

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  1. Im growing, I am bilding a box that is 2.3 feet by 2.3 feet by 5.4 feet, A total of 31 cubic feet. I want 400 watt metal halide or what is best for the long run. Will be painted flat white. I found a inline fane that is 250 cfm for 50 bucks already.

    What do I need besides soil buckets nutes and hardwae like hinges, Im having trouble finding a light for 120volt that is ready to go. If you have the time to leave a link please do.

    P.S. Less than 700 is nice too
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    well i would buy a 90w ufo LED there only like 270 (for a one that works good) and that covers the reflector bulb and ballast which would have costed you 250 for new cheap set up. plus theres no heat, its queit, safe, used a fourth the power and yield way more. actually first goto craigslist and see what lighting systems are there. and long run you can buy 3 more and there just as good as the bigger ones but a smaller area.

    90w ufo (Sunshine Systems - LED Grow Lights & LED Aquarium Lighting) 270

  3. waste of money.

    240w Blackstar LED - Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar 240w LED Grow Light 3w Cree Chips

    If you call in, theyll drop the price to $225-$250 shipped.

    I personally prefer the 500w(have 2 myself and a 240w), but the 240 is enough to grow 3-4 plants to more than enough size.
  4. ya but the company uses 660nm leds its true i did some researching they out preform the 630nm is what that probably has ill google it. and so leds give to much veg.
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    lol ya its claims to have a 6 sqft coverage lol at 240w mine is 9sqft at 90w... nuff said

    it claims to have 660nm but the ufo is more intense = fatter buds

  6. :sigh:

    my 240w is pulling a full 150w. That's almost 2x what your maximum draw is.

    On top of that, I can show pictures of my 240w pinning a par meter at 2000+. I will bet money your 90w cannot do that.

    How much would you like to wager?

    edit: are those ufo's even 3w LED's? or are they 1/2w?
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    what your 240w compared to? even so the 90 has 3 more sqft wich is better and has apparent intensity seeing and 90w covers 3x3 max 2.4 min and its equivalent to a 400w but it grows better than one.
  8. Since they aren't 3w...lets compare 1w to 2w...keep in mind 3w(which is what is used int he Blackstar) are significantly stronger than 2w.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVr-hXoljSA]Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar 600 Grow Light Comparison - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jszZ2GuRmR8]Lighthouse Hydro Cree Blackstar vs LH 90UV vs HTG 90w LED Grow Light Comparison - YouTube[/ame]

    Interesting...the blackstar destroys all competition in every comparison.
  9. have you tested sun shine system? ok well all i can say is yours focus more on a smaller area. and high times did say anything about blackstar
  10. I have two Blackstar 240w LEDs in my tent which is about 3x3x5' (9square feet) And have room for two more. You will want more than a 90w LED in that tent, IMHO. A single 240w may suit you fine.

    If you have a $700 budget for your grow supplies, I don't think LED is the way to go. They're expensive. Although I use, and recommend Blackstar LEDs, you can get a 400w HPS/MH combo off ebay for half the price! That will leave you about $550 for everything else:

    PH Meter (about $150 for a good one)
    Oscilating fan $20-50
    Carbon filter $100
    RO unit (water filter) $100

    That will leave you about a hundy to get your nutes, buckets, and other misc. stuff. I suggest General Hydroponics FloraNova Bloom, and using the Lucas formula (see my signature to read all about it) This is an economical, and effective nutrient plan. Especially useful for beginners.

    It sounds like your set on soil. Have you considered hydroponics? It's actually quite simple to grow with success. The best way to get started would be with Hempy buckets (water and feed them similar to soil), or a DWC. Either of these are inexpensive, and easy to have success with. Hempy buckets might be a better way to start. This will minimize your exposure to pests, and other issues that soil bring on. Not to start a war with the soil folks, I've been one for years. I just think hydro is much easier to get started with.

    Finally, without the plans or resources to build a mother room, I suggest you grow autoflowers in this system you build! You'll have success, and won't take as long to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Literally.

    Best of luck to you!
  11. Come on man...stop getting defensive and look at this from a logical standpoint.

    #1 - Hightimes - THAT'S your end all be all of info? Come on, thats like buying "weed growing for dummies" and thinking its gospel.
    #2 - Blackstars use 3w leds...UFO's do not. 3w led's are SIGNIFICANTLY stronger than 1w and 2w leds. Proof is above.
    #3 - You seem to claim that blackstars can only cover 6' of room. Like I said, We can raise the lights as high as you want, to cover as much area as you feel is fair, and I will bet $100 my 240w Blackstar gives higher ratings on both a lux and par meter than your 90w UFO.
  12. great advice. I agree that with only $700 for everything, HPS may be better.

    BUT then he may have to worry more about cooling and overall current draws upping his electric bill

  13. I don't think this is the best thread to debate about LED lights. We have someone who's setting up their grow for the first time, with a specific budget, and we should all be focusing on helping him.

    That said, PAR, really doesn't mean squat. I love my Blackstar 240w LEDs (see my grow in my signature) But they grow a different kind of bud than HPS lights! Much fluffier, not as dense, or as big. LEDs are good, and have their place (less heat than HID) but the argument about their efficiency, in my opinion, doesn't hold up. You'll need about 4x Blackstar 240w lights to get results similar to a single 400w HPS lamp. Even still, they will produce different kind of buds.

    For someone new, on a limited budget, I'd stick with the traditional HPS for flower, and MH for veg.
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    it all in preference but its your choice all im saying is youll get better plant grow with the other brand, but then you could always buy the blackstar im not saying its bad but it has more watts but less 660nm leds

    ok ok ill back up im just saying there realy worth it and to just buy a know brand thats featured in hightimes its obviously the real deal. but then theres two testimonys about the darkstar so you pick. honestly dont go hid.

    but that it all you need to cover is ...well nothing you got nutes water light air (ventilation)..yep thats it

  15. There's no getting around current draw. The results you get from an LED pulling 150w is similar to the results you get from an HID pulling 150w. Anyone who thinks their 240w Blackstar is a replacement for a 400w HID, is in serious denial. Trust me, I own two. I have plants growing under them as we speak.

    He already has the fan, and heat removal isn't that difficult. Might even be desirable, if he's in a cold area.

  16. Im excited for my current grow to finish. My buds are DENSE and growing quickly. Will gladly post pictures to show what they can do upon completion...

    Actually...screw it. Here is one from one of my plants 2 days ago:

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAyGYDuAAeI]90w LED UFO Comparison 400w HPS - YouTube[/ame]

    you just need to buy the right brand not a cheap on
  18. agreed...and you want the most powerful brand as well.

    why pay $250 for a 90w that isn't even close to as powerful as a $250 240w?

    I'm not knocking you personally bro, I just cannot fathom how anyone would want a weaker light for the same price.
  19. because its the led quality and type not the par? wtf are you talking about par is the efficiency not the usable light. it really sounds like your trying to sell it lol.

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