Have 6ft(L)x7ft(h)x3ft(w) need ideas

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Noobgrower25, May 24, 2010.

  1. Hey, like the title says i have a 6x7x3 area to grow in. Kinda trying to figure out the cheapest route to go in order to build a grow cab. I am new to growing, so I was also wondering if this is enough space to possibly yield a pound and a half every 3 months or not? Is it best to just do 1 cycle at a time or is perpetual better (keep in mind, if it costs 2 or 3x more on initial setup than perpetual is not going to be an option for the first grow. Thanks in advance, and I currently keep searching this forum among others for different ideas.

    I plan on starting this in about two weeks and will start a journal when I do.
  2. I am basically using the same space. I bought a closet from home depot that's flat white. I will be using a 400w hps mh light
    And a 250cfm inline fan with a carbon filter. 6 inch intake hole on the bottom. I will be growing 9 plants
    And will also use some cfls for under growth. I will be using 2 osc fans inside. I would suggest the same for you. Htg supply
    Has a good price on a 400w. I am hopeing for the same amount. Make sure you use nuts and I would suggest
    The fox farm big grow, tiger bloom and big bloom. Grow tents are usally more then I bought the cab for. Cab was
    Only 100 bucks. Good luck.
  3. Check mine out its in a room and has to be built so not sure if you have room to do that but check it out.

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