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Have .3 and no smoking device.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WizTheKhalifa, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. hey guys, I have .3 that i really want to smoke. I havent smoked in a few weeks and i really want to tonight. All my pipes/bongs are at my friends house(Where i usually smoke). What can i use to smoke this? All i have is a Extra large bamboo paper and thats it. What can i use to smoke a quick bowl?
  2. just mold a piece of tin foil into a pipe; works like a charm.
  3. make one out of a can or bottle
  4. Apple.


    Bottle (if you care enough to make it work).

    Gravity bong (cut bottom third off bottle, stick bowl through cap, put water in a container, lift bottle out while lighting weed)

    Lung (tape bag to cut off end of a bottle, pull it out while lighting weed).

    Aluminum foil pipe, but I wouldn't recommend that unless you have nothing else.
  5. Roll a pinner.
  6. Cut the paper down to adequately fit the amount of weed you have?

    or just roll a pinner as said before me.
  7. Gravity bong! Mouthwash bottle. bowl on the cap and one hole near the bottom of it. That's all so simple.
  8. pinner or apple pipe.
    you must bee fiendin.
  9. Stick it in your pooper!

    All seriousness, you wanna get blasted off .3, make a pale or a water fall or whatever the fuck you guys call it where your from? Gravity bong maybe?
  10. I used an aluminum foil pipe until I got my bong, it works like a charm! Just pinch it tight, unless you like scooby snacks, hahaha
  11. Don't use aluminum foil, use 2 butter knives and a hooter to do hotknifes.
  12. Apple. Come in handy in situations like these. Or make a pipe from a socket and water bottle.
  13. apple apple apple appleapple apple apple appleapple apple apple appleapple apple apple appleapple apple apple appleapple apple apple appleapple apple apple appleapple apple apple apple

    edit- apple apple apple apple

  14. Unless my tolerance is jacked up .3 of dank gets me blazed.
  15. Apple or any fruit or vegetable.
  16. I can't believe nobody has sad hot knifes...

  17. Lol, couple people have already :p
  18. its a bowl
  19. this is what i would advise. very quick, easy, and simplistic

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