Havard Man

Discussion in 'General' started by dopenugz, May 29, 2006.

  1. damn that was a good movie...the dude is on acid and get blazed and shit throughout the whole movie pretty trippy when u smoke and drank :smoking:
  2. no one else has seen this movie?
  3. is it harvard man or havard man? is it at any rental store?

    i need some new movies to check out.
  4. o shit my bad typo i was blazed and tired after watchin it ...harvard man
  5. yea man he bangs sarah michelle gellar and the teacher i cant remember her name but she is pretty hot too i think she was in bio dome
  6. Never heard of it.
  7. it was on at a friend's house in the backround a few years ago, I wasn't really paying attention but it looked pretty cool

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