Hating knoxville.

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  1. Been here for 3 months. Meet tons of people and have got good twice. But all people will ever do is talk to you, after that they could give a rats ass about you. Everyone says that its like Asheville here. It might be laid back like Asheville but its not as friendly as Asheville. I can't stand going to bars just to hang out with people. I just want to meet some fucking cool people. Without all the bullshit.

    Thank you, I'm done.
  2. wtf is asheville? do you mean nashville?
  3. im from knoxville, dont live there anymore,,, what part of town are you staying in?
  4. no he probably means asheville.... nc
  5. I'm from the Nashville area, so if Knoxville is anything like Clarksville, I completely sympathize.

    But I already suck at meeting new people, and left everyone I know back in Memphis, so my opinion was already bleh about this place.
  6. ahhh ok I was like where the hell is that lol
  7. knoxville is nothing like clarksville.... for one we dont have a military base and for another thing knoxville takes up about three times as much land. it is a very spread out city for the size of its population. i cant totally sympathize with the OP though. its almost as if west knoxville teaches the youth to be very friendly with everyone but to make very few people your actual friends so meeting cool individuals can be a challenge.
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    Yeah. I don't understand that logic. Why don't people like making friends with other people? I loved/love meeting new people. And yes I am from NC originally. Born and raised to asheville/waynesville area. Moved to Charlotte during high school and stayed there up untill 3 months ago. Shit I don't even care right now if they smoke. I just need some social contacts around here. It's driving me bat shit.

    I live in south knoxville, right over the river from the city.
  9. I cant answer the question of why the people i grew up with are like that, they just are. probably has something to do with the fact that west knoxville and, regardless of what they will tell you, north knoxville have a lot of money. the people who grow up there tend to be stuck up. do you know if you live in north south east or west knoxville ATM?
  10. lol look at my previous post. :)
  11. you sir are a ninja. but damn. south knoxville is the are that my parents grew up in and with the recent construction on the henly street bridge idk how it is down there anymore. i would suggest heading over the river into the city for the night life but the old city is expensive and i just dont see that as a good area to meet people. if you are into pool there are a few good pool halls on the strip and if you venture into west knoxville then there are some good places to chill, have a few drinks and go home early. id check out new amsterdam in the city and the baker peaters jazz club in west knoxville if you ever find yourself out there but that;s just me
  12. Yeah I have gone down to cumberland a few times and hung out there. I still get the same treatment. They will talk to you but thats about all they do.
  13. Dude I live in Knoxville, and I give a rats ass about people I chill with. Hit me up lol.
  14. damn. hmm,,,, i know when i moved the thing that helped me the most was the fact that i got a job in a restaurant and there are mad women who work as servers and a lot of cool dudes in the kitchen to hit up. sorry to hear that you aren't having a good time in tha 865 though. i fucking love my hometown.
  15. Hells yeah bro. Shit what you doing tomorrow haha.
  16. Yeah, I knew Knoxville was a lot bigger than Clarksville, but didn't know 3 times. Clarksville is awkwardly spread out too, compared to midtown Memphis, but here it's another military-town. Aside from one pub here which is great, I figure every other twenty-something is at Austin Peay.
  17. Its not Knoxville, its the people you know .

    I've lived here my entire life though.
  18. Dude it's Knoxville. Much further south and youlle be in winchester where the wal mart is the entertainment and also the only food source besides taco hell. Lol try alabama
  19. Knoxville is badass.

    your doing it wrong
  20. Hi new to knoxville. Would loive to meet a more green friendly crowd. Im from DC where greenery is abudant but havent found much of anything down here. My bf and I have met only one person and he ended up being crucially shady.

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