hating gardening+my moms and a green thum

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Casabay, May 18, 2010.

  1. WEll, not Hate...
    powerful word.har har
    but, not really my thing, i think flowers are pretty n all but...ya, not my thing.
    but my mom,
    seriously loves her garden more then the fam...but we understand
    But it just hit me,
    why dont i heed what my mother says for future growing skills u know.
    like, the people who want to start growing sometimes its kinda like a starting from scratch sort of a deal but.
    Why not get the green thum early???
    haa, so i have to be all enthusiastic when my moms like
    I'm all
    "WOW, the buds are in full bloom mom! Looks good, smells good too!!"
    ahh, i feel bad but not that bad, were bonding...
    but little does she know...
    I'm still in high school so i gots real time to just bum out and make mama proud with my gardening skills.

    u can make ur mom proud too!
    buy her some flowers!!
    i love my flower loving momma.
    she crazy tho =/
  2. best thread i have seen all day :D made me just laugh. +rep
  3. I don't know why but I'm making this my new signature.
  4. i liked how u went from hating it to loving it
  5. i wish i were that high right now

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