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  1. There is no way to justify hate, for hate cannot be logically argued. So what is the point of hate?

    The only reason hate exists is for self-gratification. It's sickening to realize how many of us are so selfish.
  2. lf only the rest of the world could understand this all at the same time we would all be happy .

    sorry my friend l do not beleive it will happen in my life time.

    But we sure gonna give it one hell of a go at the city my friend.
  3. Good Topic...

    Selfishness is a good breed for hate.. Not wanting others to have what you have.. Jelous people have alot of hate too...

    If every one would settle for being paid for what they do, we wouldn't have near as much hate...

    Here at the city, we try and let love flow through..

    We treat others as we want to be treated..

    Love will take you alot further in life that hate!
  4. Here's a question: is it okay that no one loves you as long as no one hates you either?
  5. To hate is possibly one of the worst things you can do, to love is possibly one of the best things you can do.
    If you were sitting right in the middle, where would you stand?
    If people did not love or hate you, would they simply feel nothing? I think not. A lot of folks have a deeper respect and love for people than they would acknowledge publicly or even willingly, though.
  6. as much as we say we dont like it, its inherent in human nature. we like to see others in pain. e.g. Faces of Death. its imposible to not hate, only to repress it. but as Yoda said, fear turns to hate and fear is necisary for survival. thusly hate is an unavoidable by-product. but if we COULD live in a world of love... well that would just be swell.
  7. Ugh, faces of death isn't pain, it's something that never gets out of your head because people keep bringing it up. Faces of death is just that; death. I find it odd that humans do what they do; perhaps we are just inherently evil?

  8. its death in painful ways. you wont see someone on faces of death dieing in their sleep.

  9. I agree, however, we cannot let hate control our actions. If we do that, hate wouldn't be a problem. :smoke:

  10. Yeah, but when you watch it at the age of 12, it does some messed up things to your head.
  11. There really isn't anything wrong with hate, if it's projected at the right things/people. For example, I hate terrorists and freezing cold or extremely hot weather.
  12. i guess i'm lucky not to have experienced anything bad enough to foster hate in me. i don't understand the emotion. i really do feel love in so many different directions in my life, all i have to do is think about that when i'm sad or feel lonely. maybe i'm just young and idealistic...but for all of you reading this...here's some love! :)
  13. fuck hate man. ill never hate people. there might be some people that i dont like, but ill never hate them.
    live well and toke long
  14. i HATE that weed is illegal in the US, but that is pretty much all i hate

  15. Agreed. I just can't understand why there are so many hateful people in this world. :(
  16. I didn't think I could hate anyone until I had a very bad relationship.If someone harms you bad enough believe me you will feel hatred.I just hope none of you people who have never experienced hate do go through it as it spoils the real you.Happy toking,happy thoughts.
  17. No one else hates terrorists besides me???

  18. One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

    I hate a pile of shit so high it would rival mount everest.
    Ignorant people,people who won't take responsibility for their own actions,cons who complain about getting caught, LAWYERS,bullshit ads on the TV,G strings,thongs,anything that crawls up you're arse,piped music anywhere,airport waiting areas,buses,corruption,greed,car drivers whose only excuse is sorry mate I didn't see you,people who give others shit for no good reason.
    Take away hate then all you would have would be complacency.If something was destroying your dream wouldn't you just HATE it?????

    PS I do hate terrorists, violence just causes more violence.
    War for peace is an oxymoron, just another of the things I hate

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