Hate To Sound Like A Dummy. But, What Does Auto Flowering Mean?

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  1. can someone throw me the meaning of an "auto flowering" plant? hate to sound like a fool,but wth does it mean?

  2. it means it flowrs automatically as opposed to   non auto plants called "photos" which are photoperiod dependent (photos calculate the day legnth and flower according to that, when the day light drops under 14 about, they start flowering). Autos flower regardless of the 14 hour limit but with the passage of time. So you can do 2 or 3 auto runs in a season (2-3 months from seed to harvest) whereas only 1 photo run (6 months from seed to harvest about). Autos yield much less than photos. You can check out the forum "AFN" all about autos.
  3. Means it is shit.

    And not "the shit", but shit as in dog crap.
  4. auto-flowering means the plant flowers depending on the age instead of the photoperiod like corto said. auto-flowering strains are developed by crossing an indica or sativa with a ruderalis strain. the ruderalis variety developed in central russia and has a low thc content which is why breeders are now developing auto-flowering plants because the ruderalis variety of cannabis is resistant to disease and grows very quickly.
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    Basically this^^
    In short they flower by themselves with no regard to light schedules.
  6. that's your opinion
    on AFN, auto flowering network, many growers will tell you it is the future of the cannabis plant
    true in the past but now, they have as potent autos
    they are great for indoor grows (300 grams per plant of bomb weed -AutoX by Dutch PAssion- see Seymour Bud's DWC grow on AFN)
    also great for outdoors to stay discrete whether your grow season is short (to finish early) or long (to have 3 rounds in one season) 
  7. If it cant yield in lbs outside ....... it ain't the future.

    Pet rocks man, they're pet rocks, feeding the fad of home growing.
  8. Also you show me seymore pulling that from a full pack...not just one out of the pack....and I may start to change my mind. But too many are flagging the atypical not the typical imo
  9. They are not "shit". They may not yield the same, and I have heard complaints of a lack of potency but I have had photoperiod plants with the same problems. They serve a specific purpose for people with specific growing circumstances.
    It would be like saying snow tires are shit because all season radials beat them on a dry track every time. They are just a different breed with niche applications.
  10. i am not saying autos are weak i'm saying ruderalis is weak which is why they cross it with indica and sativa. lol i think you misread me. 
  11. your opinion again not everyone grows for yield only outdoors (being low profile)
    no that's 1 seed 300 grams in 2 months time, nothing shitty about that imo
    no i didn't, you associate the fact of being weak in thc with resistance and speed. Also, you never mentioned autos as being very potent which they are now.
  12. so if you took a clone from a auto flowering plant it would mature just as fast as the mother plant? i have 2 plants that i got as clones from a local dispensary that started to flower at about 1 month in the ground. i figured they would start to veg again after they adjusted to the sun light. as they were under a light at first. also had a couple others show signs of pre flowering but they all went back to veg exept these two. now one has quarter size flowers and other is about dime size. and as the plants flower they are also continuing to grow. are these two plants possibly an auto flowering plant? and when the bud has done the 8-10 weeks of flowering you just harvest the bud and leave plant to bud again correct? and how long does it take take flower again? and thanks for all the input everyone. like i said don't wanna sound like a dummy as i have used cannabis since i was just a puppy (13) and that is thirty years ago. and have had successful  full organic grows the last 4-5 years. and i just learned something new to me .thanks all!!
  13. You cant clone from an autoflower, So I doubt thats what they are. You should try to light depo the 2 flowering plants if your able.
  14. no you are totally misreading me man. what I am saying is the RUDERALIS variety has low thc and is resistant to disease. they don't really sell just ruderalis seeds. they sell crosses of sativa and indica with ruderalis. hence, autoflowering. 
  15. Your clones flowered because they got under 14.5 hours of light per day.. clones are sexually mature plants at any size and just love to flower.. setting out before about June 1st will flower them... as will not time matching them to outside after starting inside on a non time matched cycle.. say 24 on.. 20-4 ect... if they are small enough you can light deprive them with an inverted trash can.. or frame and light proof plastic.. to finish them.. or just leave them and they will eventually re-veg..
  16. update: all but one have started to re veg. phew! took a look at the girls today and yes they have started back to vegging, hairs have seemed to receed and shoots are developing. the one that hasn't turned back around is the one that is in the corner of the garden and probably gets a little less light. 
    I don't think so, it's just that your sentence is grammatically incorrect and illogical, and so incomprehensible. 
     the  [capitals?] ruderalis variety developed in central russia and has a low thc content which is why [what is why, the origin or the low THC level?] breeders are now developing auto-flowering plants because [because of what?] the ruderalis variety of cannabis is resistant to disease and grows very quickly.
    Do you even understand it?

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