hate this time of year...

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, May 9, 2006.

  1. i dont know weather im getting sick or weather its allergies. today i fee like shit. coughing, sneezing, wheezing, so shitty. i hate it. so i just downed some nyquil and im gonna go out and msoke a bowl later. i have some klonopins but i dont think it would be wise mixing them with nyquil. plus i need to be able to function tomarrow for school and work. i need a good nights sleep.

    what chemical/drug combos do you prefer to have the best sleep of your life?
  2. Three bowls of some dank. Ambien works well too.
  3. go buy some claritin
  4. A shit load of sleeping pills fuck you up bad...
  5. that what the k-pins are for :)

    i dont think its allergies... i deff think its a cold or something.... grah i hate feeling like shit
  6. unhealthy but good advice

    breathright strips

    toss in meth or other similar stimulant to crash and sleep ...but only after you go into overdrive and pollen proof your room lol
  7. ehgh ill stay away from the yay.

    i cant immagine what ralin a line of yay would be like with bad sinuses as it is... it would make it a bit worse... like that drippy feeling you get after you rail a line.. that might be like intensified by 1000. i tried railing an adderall with sinuses blockage. that blew ass.
  8. fuck school. fuck work. im staying hometoday.just took a 60mg allegra and im gonna go hit a bong in a min. my dads gf said try putting a lil vicks vapor rub in there.
  9. lol actually vap or take a huge hit of herb cough while your nose/ect drains then right after blow your nose lightly and do the line

    it's kinda like numbing 'sawdust' for nasal 'puke' toss in any amphetamine an hour or two after and it'll keep you decongested throughout sleep upon coming down off the speed

    the crash off the coke isn't so bad if you do one line and you sleep through the annoying pain breathing easy
  10. I love this time of year, all the girls start wearing the skirts, the tube tops, damn fine shit :D

    As for sleepin, pop some t'3s, i take 2 before bed haha
  11. Hey man, it sounds like I have the exact same thing you do, I feel weak and miserable it sucks, but hopefully it will pass here in a few days, drink and eat plenty of vitamin C, that helps a bit.

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