Hate the player or hate the game?

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  1. My Husband's Step Dad was just outside talking to his friend which is away from home for work and said "I use to see it as hate the player, now I see it don't hate the player, let the player play, hate the game."

    Discuss? :smoking:
  2. husbands step dad....thats your dad right? right?

    Fuck that hate the player.

    And the game.
  3. I never understood this at all. GAME = motuh piece as in you can talk to females and pull them without trouble(which I seem to be missing).

    Player = Gets at alot of girls and has a lot of girls messes with them emotionally before fucking and leaving them

    Whats the difference if you hte the game or the player wouldnt you just be hating both?

    Warning im sober right now and my definition of GAME may be wrong.

    t breaks suck
  4. from my gaming experiences, it's all about the noobs hating the pros.

    eventually most noobs become pros though...
  5. [quote name='"Cali Smokes"']

    t breaks suck[/quote]

    Completely agree. Mine started today :(
  6. Hate yourself for not being too choosey?
  7. People use the phase to describe almost any win-lose situation, but the most common, and I think original meaning, is do you get upset with the guy who got a girl you wanted or realize/accept/still maybe be frusted by the fact that you don't always get who you want.

    As far as I see it you shouldn't hate the 'player' or the 'game'. Don't get mad at guys who get the girls you want. It's immature. Not to mention, it says something about your lack of confidence if you can't actively pursue other girls.

    There are quite a few threads frequently in SLR that sound like, "This girl that I want to be with ended up being with this other dude. FUCK THAT GIRL, SHE'S WRONG FOR NOT CHOOSING SOMEONE AWESOME LIKE ME."

    Player haters should get over themselves and grow up.

    Side note: having your feelings hurt after being rejected is reasonable, but don't project your insecurities on the other people.
  8. If you hate the player, you hate yourself.

    Basically anyone who hates on anybody hates themselves.
  9. Hate the muh fuggin game fo'realz doe
  10. Dude its always hate the game, the girls themselves play the game too. Life and sex 90% is a fucking game.. Atleast till you grow up, which doesn't happen till you just know it
  11. the game mayne its always the game.

    the player has to beat his competition. cant hate for success. that would be you pitying your failure.
  12. Can we not get along and get laid at the same time?
  13. Telling someone to hate the game instead of them self is just a way to excuse their shitty, selfish behavior.

    Everyone is responsible for their own actions. "Players" included.
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    hate everything and everyone equally. problem solved.
  15. Nope you're wrong if the game never existed, then players wouldn't exist. You can't blame a player for playing a game. The game is what creates the player, and all the player is doing is just playing. Think of a xbox, if a xbox never existed you would never play it, but since it does exist you play it.
  16. I'm sorry but it's the so-called players who make sex and relationships a "game".

    The same way sport "players" made sport games to compete and show off.

    If people stopped be inconsiderate assholes "the game" wouldn't exist.
  17. By the game I think he meant the game of relationships as a whole, not someone's proficiency at the game, as in somebody's personal game. He means that we should blame the player for exploiting the game, we should blame ourselves for making the game what it is, hence don't hate the player, hate the game.

    That's just my take on it though.

    And Messiah, that is not true, it's the reverse, the rules of the game make the players what they are. That's what don't hate the player hate the game means.
  18. Don't hate the player or the game. Everyone is a part of the game whether you like it or not, its just a matter of who considers them selves topshelf and those that need a little practice. The game has and always will continue to exist, as will the players who play. If you're married and have kids you played the same to get that woman or man and to make those kids. You just chose to end the game at the final level, "married with children". If your single and you have sex with Hella people then they never stop playing the game because the game gets thicker and thicker the deeper you get in it. Their game never ends until they choose to end the second level of play and move on to the final level. Most players never get to that point. If your lonely and sad all the time you too play the game you just haven't made it past the first level. You may not ever, but you tried at least once to move up to level two.

    "The game is thick" - Mac Dre
  19. I don't play games in relationships.

    I'm just honest. :confused_2:
  20. [quote name='"fitftw"']If you hate the player, you hate yourself.

    Basically anyone who hates on anybody hates themselves.[/quote]

    I hate george bush. I love myself.

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