hate my dick

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  1. My dick dont wana have sex with my ex. Wtf shits pissin me off. Keep goin limp with her. Whats up wit these old mab problems when im still young
  2. lol boomhauer got problems.
  3. Maybe this time the little head is smarter then the big head. :smoke:
  4. Viagra is your best friend 
  5. diagnosis - your disfunction is caused by stress and anxiety.
    try relaxing, maybe doing some meditation,
    remember, stupidity has a certain charm, but ignorance is just fuck-ugly. so read a book
    you should try to think for yourself, instead of choosing what to think.
    dont worry, be positive.
  6. Dang ol' dick dont wana go stiff wit my dang ol' ex
    Dang ol' boom man
  7. hahahahhahah I'm imagining  boomhauer behind a computer typing this XD
  8. You Trolling?
  9. Not gonna lie. I bought sumthing that works like viagra and it still didnt work with her. I start gettin anxiety bout that shit b4 I even start doin shit with her and ehen she pulls down my pants... dang ol' embarrasing
  10. No I dont troll.
  11. I never tried those pills but my friend did and said he had a raging boner for hours, use those sex enhancement pills they sell at the gas station and take like 2 
  12. Well, is your ex like ugly or something lol
  13. reminds me of forgetting sarash marshall. "my dick doesn't want you anymore!!" or.. he said something along those lines lol

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  14. Godod point but its hard because im afraid to let my body think for itself and do its job. If that makes any sense
  15. take some shots before you do the deed that will relax ya
  16. Nah she a dime bro. Had a limp experience once and its been following me ever since.
  17. Think so? Ive tried fuckin while drunk and that never worked.
  18. Just have her suck on that soft little worm.
    It'll go up. Then once it gets hard you'll have about 2 seconds to shove it deep in her pussy before going soft again.
    Good luck OP
  19. Get her to top you off first does that help? Or are you so limp you wouldn't enjoy it?

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