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Hate mosquitos

Discussion in 'General' started by Bananarama, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. I left my door open and now my bedroom has 3 mosquitos. Even worse is I need to sleep but cant because I MUST FIND AND KILL THESE VERMIN.
  2. yeah they're terrible. about a month ago they started to get real bad, couldnt run outside to the car without getting attacked. since then have calmed down a bit but they are still annoying little buggers! also when you swat them and they explode with blood fuckers
  3. Gotta get that "Off" maskeeter repellent, shit saves lives :bongin:
  4. mosquitoes are the only reason i hate summer. they don't give a fuck. they think they can invade my personal space, suck my blood and leave and think that shit's ok? fuck them. one of those bitches bit me on my middle finger just to say a "fuck you" to me....they won't be saying that shit when i fuck up their entire family.
  5. i live in Maine...

    so fuck you all if you think you have it bad

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