Hate feeling guilty for getting high...

Discussion in 'General' started by Sad Panda, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. I'm 18. Im in college. So why do I always feel like a criminal whenever I decide to toke up? I go to great lengths to get rid of the smell/redness in my eyes, even though I know I'm not going to get in trouble. All that happens is that my friends (who refuse to smoke) just look at me as if they caught me jerking off or something.

    I'm sick of feeling guilty. I wish I knew more people who like weed as much as I do.

    *is coming down from wake and bake, sorry*
  2. i definitely feel for you man. alot of my chic friends look at me like i'm a dickhead if i'm high around them but yet they smoke.... just "not as much as i do" n some of em do speed n shit n then look at me like an idiot for poppin percocet. i'd say speed is alot more harmful but thats jus my opinion. but yea luckily i got friends that r down to smoke n all that n like me purely for the person i am and not cuz of a plant i smoke or dont smoke.

  3. When i was a younger (16-19) i used to only smoke with a certain few friends and id always tell people i didnt smoke bud. I always thought it was a drug that was not accepted by many. Sure enough, over the years, i found more and more people i knew smoked. half the kids in highschool, EVERYone in college, evenmy parents!

    Now im older, wiser, and i smoke quite often. If anyone ever asks if i smoke, i gladly admit it (within reason). Every now and then i get some people who kind of look at me funny, or cant respect that, but ive learned to not let it bother me. Smokin weed is a part of who I am. It opens me up to new ideas, allows me to be more creative, and just in general, lets me escape the monotony of classes and wotrk every day.

    Anyways, i dont really have much of a point other than you shouldn't feel like a criminal. According to the law maybe, but if people cant accept you smoke ever now and then, forget em. they just dont understand the aspects of a great pot smoker! =)

  4. Wow. Thanks, man. That was beautiful. :)
  5. I kinda know where your coming from man. I don't feel guilty about smoking as much as I do spending as much money on pot that I smoke. I don't drink, and smoke cigarettes only when I feel like it. Then a family member, whose advice I've always trusted, told me that I still have a few years (I'm 18) to decide what I want to do. So have some fun until then, when I should have something worked out. Anyway, if I smoke pot, instead of drinking or other things, and it's making me watch my money a little closer, I figure it's doing more good than harm.
  6. Toke On!

    Second that.

  7. i'm not 18 or in college, but i know how you feel. I've been tokin for 13 yrs, and i still feel guilty. maybe i just feel guilty that i'm tokin so much (is 4 bowls by yourself too much?) LOL
    but no one really cares. i never even get red eye. but i know so few who toke. all the tokers i know are through my bf. it's gets kinda lonely sometimes, eh?

  8. Wow........I'm coming up on my 14 yr anniversary of smoking. How time flies!! I don't know alot of people who toke and I don't broadcast my hobby in front of the world (especially since I'm getting ready for arraignment this thursday). And I do wish I knew more around here that toked up but I thank god everyday for the ones I do know. They are the best people in my opinion.

    But you shouldn't feel guilty. You can't live your life by what others think of you. (If I did then I would never leave my house). But I feel your pain but just remember to hold your head high because there are tons of us out there!!!!!!

    Peace and love.......

  9. One day, marijuana users will not have to hide themselves, but will be able to openly join together all over the world. The dark ages of marijuana prohibition will one day be but a distant memory. We shall overcome. We shall fucking overcome.

  10. amen...that day needs to come...

  11. Technically, you are a criminal. But, as long as you're not hurting or scamming anyone, there's no need to feel guilty.

  12. I know I'm technically a criminal, but I don't feel bad about breaking that particular law ever. I meant I feel like I'm guilty of some moral crime...
  13. all my friends smoke but some kids do seem to look down on smoking for some reason, even though they drink themselves retarded every weekend (imo worse than bud)
  14. Wow, I feel sorry for you guys/gals getting so much pressure and scorn just for smoking marijuana. Around where I come from smoking is the norm, and if you dont its fine but you certainly do not look down upon the tokers, and here at college about 90% of the people I know smoke, and the other 10% are cool with it.

  15. Not if you move to the Netherlands ;) Seriously though I feel the same way sometimes. I guess for me, a lot of this comes from the fact that my parents don't know I smoke. I have always been the good kid, never been in much real trouble before. I dunno how they would take it if they found out, but I'm guessing they would be dissapointed, atleast until I could explain my point of view. I'm not sure they would ever totally agree with it, but I don't think they would go off the deep end either. So I dunno. But from my point of view, pot has been one of the most positive influences on my life, ever. It has opened my eyes to so many things and completely changed the way I think about practically everything--for the better. So I try not to be too woried about it. I know that its not negatively affecting my school, or what I want to do with my life, so, I say smoke on.
  16. ...don't feel guilty....you obviously enjoy it...just be careful...

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