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Recipe Hashmoufs Recipe Guide For cannabutter (Step By Step Pictorial)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Hashmouf, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. DAM MAN!!
    CONGRATS gettin on sticky
  2. thanks bro.
  3. Salted butter?!
  4. ok i read the quide and its great, but i have a couple questions. Why must you refigerate and then melt the butter again??? Does this just make sure your getting all the THC out of the plant? Also, how long will the butter last.

    Thanks, great guide!
  5. If i used this to make 9 brownies in a 12x9 pan would 1 brownie get you blazed off your ass?
  6. Unsalted is preferred for baking but for other uses salted is fine.
  7. Re-solidifying the re-melting helps the fatty acids dissolve and coat the THC molecules.

    The butter will keep in the fridge for up to a month, Or in the freezer for up to a year....But it is usually eaten in days! :D
  8. You will get a nice buzz!
  9. So you say stir the weed and let it simmer for 5 minites on low heat, how do you know that your getting enough heat for the THC to absorb into the butter?
  10. how many would you suggest eating to get blazed off your ass in the situation above?
  11. here is your answer.

  12. 2 should do.
  13. i am making this butter tomorrow when i pick up.

    great guide bro.
  14. Now I have a real question. To eliminate the heat element, what if instead of using premade butter, you made your own, like, from heavy creame? Toss the weed in the heavy creame and shake to make the butter? In theory that SHOULD work, right? AND prevent the heat from destroying the THC..... I mean, your butter might be a little chunky, but hell, i like chunky peanut butter, so why wouldnt cannabutter be great chunky too????
  15. i got 2 questions...
    1: what consistency will it be at step 5???
    2:does it smell up ur apartment
  16. Daymm that looks good but i can't afford to throw in half a ounce would a 8th or a 10th be good nuf?
  17. wow i made the butter last night and took it today with a friend and it sucked. It got us a little buzzed but not really much at all. We put 2 grams of weed into just like a quarter stick of butter. The weed was pritty good beasters to. We waited an hour and 15 minites than smoked a couple bowls. I dont know where i went wrong, the last 2 times i made firecrackers i failed to....:confused:

    I fillow'd the instructions pritty accurately to.
  18. portions are very important, 2 grams is really not enough, espacially for 2 people THC levels of the bud would have to be very high. When cooking with weed it takes much more to feel the effects.
  19. 1. solid

    2. very slightly , not too bad.
  20. An eighth will be enough for 1 stick of butters worth, That should be plenty for 1 recipe.

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