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Recipe Hashmoufs Recipe Guide For cannabutter (Step By Step Pictorial)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Hashmouf, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Thanks Quasi, Iced tea recipe will be posted today!
  2. If you have a minute when you post the recepie, hit me with a PM, I've been waiting for this one. If not, I'm sure I'll figure out that you posted it eventually.
  3. Saturday Bumpige.....:wave:
  4. Sunday bumpism.....
  5. Hey that is a great guide, I really appreciate the detail. Anyways, me and my friend have 1/2 ounce of mids and we are going to make brownies tonight.

    I have a quick question. Once I've strained it all do have to put it in the fridge for an hour, or can I just put it in the brownie mix.

    Also any kind of brownie mix your recommend? I plan on giving it out to all my bros. Should 1/2 oz. make just one tray of brownies or should I spread it out more. Also how many cookies should I divide it into. 14 grams = 14 brownies, or would half gram be enough, then I'd have 28 brownies?

    Sorry for the ridiculous amount of questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm so excited to make these! :hello:
  6. You are very welcome always glad to help.

    If you are making brownies you will need the butter to be liquid so no dont chill it.

    The best brownie mix to use is Ghirardelli, this mix makes the best browines hands down. Just replace the oil with the same amount of melted cannabutter. Make 14-18 brownies and enjoy!
  7. mmm Ghirardelli straight outta san fran. thanks for the guide, i will use it next time for sure (and do a trip to the square to grab some chocolate)!
  8. Thanks next time I have a halfie thats what I'm gonna do
  9. yessss sssirr! :smoke:
  10. sounds like a plan, have a good one bro.
  11. nice job man. ive only tried cannabutter once and fucked it up and im thinking about trying it again. but quick question, if you put it back in the fridge to become hard like a stick of butter again, and then you need to melt it to add to a cookie or brownie mix, what do you do? becuase i thought putting the cannabutter in the micorowave would evaporate all the thc in the butter. any suggestions, or should i even worry?
  12. have you ever tried the water boiling method? I find it's incredibly easy, but I'm curious as to know if anyone knows which method is more potent... I just don't have enough to try it both ways right now :-/
  13. No worries, zapping has no effect on the THC content.
  14. The boiling water recipe is just a gimmic IMO, plus the extreme heat will degrade THC content and lower potency. I have made cannabutter in several ways and this is by far the best, for taste and effect.
  15. alright man, just wondering, cz to get it completly melted it might have to be in the microwave for up to a good 30 seconds or more.

    thanks again for the awesome guide man!
    (last time i made it we just heated up the butter with the weed on low and just strained it after 30 minutes and put it right into the brownies. gave us a good basis high for the rest of the nite, but nowhere near where it was supposed to be. cant wait to try it for real!
  16. Right on bro, enjoy!
  17. hey man grats on this making sticky status.:)
  18. Thank you kind sir!
  19. Can you use salted butter? Or would that somehow ruin it?

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