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  1. ok i know how to make hash
    when my plants are done i am going to make it into hash
    were i live i can only get soap bar it gets me stoned it is cheap
    but with the hash i make at home using the screen method
    will it be stronger than soap bar i am, growing white widow
  2. Never made nor had hash from WW but I would imagine that would have to be some killer stuff. I would venture a guess that odds are most likely and probably the WW probably has a higher THC % than whatever the hash you bought originated from.
  3. can any one tell me what percentage thc it would be
  4. according to the white widow GC sells, it is 19% thc which is about what i've heard from other sources.
  5. it seems to take forever for them to grow
    i just want a w.w. j

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