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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cherrygarcia, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I have a question was out at a Dark Star Orchestra concert yesterday (if anybody else was there let me know lol we might be able to go toghter sometime. that scarlet>fire was awsome) Anyway, some guys were passing the pipe around came to me went to take a hit and somebody was like Hey careful man its hash. all I could say after I hit it was Wow lol but I wound up buyin some. Thing is though, when I hit it, the hash lit on fire. is it supposed to burn with a flame or is it just supposed to cherry like weed? dont want to waste it its good stuff
  2. Yea you gotta tease that shit, don't just throw the flame to it. It'll just start on fire like that.
  3. Yeah, its normal.
    Pics? Im always curious as to what type of hash people are smoking...
  4. Let it ember up, you don't want it sitting there on fire it should be cherryed. Hash is the best, enjoy.
  5. Ill post some pics up when I get more, kinda short on cash but im savin up for a bit. I can see a bit of plant matter in it so its not perfect but its much better than even the dankest bud ive been getting. the guy had a pretty big brick of it I just picked up a gram because I was short on cash. btw, whats the going rate, weeds $20 a gram of good he gave me a gram for 20 so I guess that is pretty good.
  6. I've never bought hash, but I'd guess that's quite a good price. Hash (if properly made) can be a hell of a lot stronger than more seshing for the same money is a Good Thing™ :)
  7. I heard 30 a g
  8. Good hash around here is 25 a gram so that's definitely not a bad deal
  9. Good hash around here is about $80-90 a q. Smoking some as I type:smoke:
  10. Hash is typically 20/g around here... It ranges from some shit that kinda resembles black tar heroin to some light brown trichey rocks.

    Needless to say, i prefer the light brown stuff...
  11. Yea this stuffs outside looks like black tar and its pretty hard, cut a piece off and its dark green on the inside but there was virtually no plant matter in it. Ive got a pretty low tolerance, I can get a buzz at .2 and pretty stoned (if I do it right) on less than half a gram. broke off a piece smaller than half a match head and was at least 10X as high as I would be with like .5 gram good bud says hes out of that stuff now though he has a buncha shake hash ill pick up some of that
  12. Hash kicks the shit outta bud for getting ripped.
  13. Fuck, I wish I could score some hash.

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