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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Spud006, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. has anyone made hash?or hash oil/honey? if so what method did you use and was it worth doing? Also how did you smoke it?
  2. i think there have been a million of these posts now and i dont' feel like answering them anymore look into the past posts and try to find them the answers you're looking for are there somewhere
  3. not necessarily a direct attack on you cheeba, but isnt the idea of the whole "forum" thing to help each other out and share experience....and this person was asking for personal experiences and if they wanted to dig and root around and waste their time looking for a few fragments of info, they certainly wouldnt have asked a direct question here....yet again not a direct attack on you, i have seen several instances of this...and i dont see a reason for people to be snippy on here....lets just be happy and toke :D
  4. i hear what you're saying namron but it's like working in customer service....a million people come in and ask the same u put up a sign...when people still ask u....we just point to the sign, which is what cheeba is doing....u can use the search feature at the top to look for an answer to your hash question.

    *points to the sign that says "Welcome to Grasscity"*
  5. i understand, im just a laborer at a nursery, but i do find myself in a sales position from time to time, and i get the same questions over and over... i was merely suggesting a lil less snippines when "pointing at the sign" and as i said, it wasnt directed at him, it was more of a general statement for other boards, i have noticed it throuought....hell it may not even be my place to say anything, so i apologize for anything....hell, just toke and get happy :D
  6. Spud is asking for peoples personal experiences, not necessarily the kind of advice the search function is useful for.. unfortunately, i have no experience whatsoever with hash-making so i cant help him.. if the thread was entitled


    and was posted in every forum, THEN youd be justified in telling him to fuck off and use the search

    but anyways, stop being so anal and smoke a little.. this isnt yahooka for christs sake.. and besides, its not like there are an infinite number of things you can say about The Buddha before something gets repeated. ;)
  7. ..and spud, that is perhaps the best sig EVER.
  8. thanks to all the people who posted, although it didn't help, but thanks.

  9. thank you
  10. you can completely trust 420dave because that's me!!! hey puff daddy changed his name to p. diddy why can't i change mine?

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