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  1. hey, ive been thinking about trying some hash(pretty new) and im wondering if someone could give me info on it. Like how much should it be? also is it more potent then herb..just wanna know some general shit bout it

    p.s. I love string cheese
  2. I've smoked hash once. It's very rare around here and I was lucky to get it. When I smoked I was with 2 other kids and we just packed the hash on top of a bowl of kb. The one bowl was enough to get us all pretty fucked up. We smoked a couple more straight weed bowls after that and it was all good.
  3. High all. Well I have smoked some hash in my time. It all depends on where you live on the price of hash. Where I have been you can buy some for cheap or you'll pay alot. I find myself that the buzz is abit mellower then the bud.
  4. here in bc i can get some shitty green hash for about $7 a gram and good hash for $20.. i find that the high is a bit more clearheaded than just straight herb, and with less of a 'buzz'
  5. Good hash will knock your ass on to the couch and won't let you up again for 3 or 4 hours.........and that's off of one small bowl.

    Shitty hash is like shitty weed: it still gets the job done, though it may take a little more to get there.

    $7-$20/g ($25 - $65 an 1/8th) is a good range...if possible, buy a small amount first and smoke it up to measure if it's worth the money or not...


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