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hash with seeds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tyty420, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I wanna know can you make iso hash with seeds ? Becouse I have a watter bottle filed with seeds I've picked out of weed and I don't want to grow
  2. I dont think theres enough THC in them... so probably not. I tried making green dragon with nothing but seeds one tme and it didnt work out.
  3. there is absolutely 0% thc in the would do nothing for you.
  4. ya seeds have pretty much no THC.
  5. Make the hash. Sell it to a dumb high schooler.
  6. Fuck -.- lol, I'm looking everywhere for seeds, and this guys wasting them. :(
  7. lol seeds have no thc ..
  8. save them for spring and just chucj them around places. but i save my seeds and eat them like sunflower seeds. no part of my plant shall be wasted
  9. If you're really going to just waste all the seeds otherwise, find a secluded place in the woods somewhere and scatter them. No evidence of an intentional grow, but if they actually do grow you can profit.
  10. Your sig is way too big, just a heads up.

    And no you can't do that, unfortunately :/

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