hash,what's it like?

Discussion in 'General' started by rollinblunts, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. i am curious about hash,compared to great weed what does hash do to ya?
  2. Erm... It gets you stoned... But to be honest, I get to much hash (in the UK) and prefer skunk to it...
  3. hash is available to us, but is expensive if you want quality hash. i agree i'd rather have weed, as it lasts longer, and isn't as harsh on my lungs...

    but when you get an extra little $ it's DEFINITELY a very VERY excellent stone. a tip to make it last longer: put a little on your bowl packed w/ nugs, it doesn't take that much (if it's quality, sticky hash) to get you ripped off your ass, and the bud will help with the high.

    we usually get it or hash oil for birthdays, when we get tax returns, or special occasions, as we're daily smokers and hash would be waay to expensive a habit.

    but the stone? it packs a mother of a punch, don't plan to drive anywhere your first time 'round.
  4. thanks for the info,a gre
  5. five bucks little man
    put that shit in my hand
    if that money does not show
    then you owe me ome oh
  6. yeah... right on sn00py (like the evil inside avatar), the UK gets way too much shite 3rd and 4th!!! grade morocan hashish... u do not wan't to know the crap we been smokin... i'll post up a list of the shit found in hash sometime.

    if u gettin hash, make sure it is of the highest quality... and then it's worth it.

    we were getting double zero for ages (well they called it 00 but i just think it was 1st grade) and it was totally worth it.

    try making your own hash... if u got the weed for it.

    Bubble hash.

    i want to try some bubble hash.

    oooooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  7. Yup, your dead right there my friend.. We seem to end up with the bottom of the barrel sometimes, there used to be a lot of 'gold / red' seal floating around at one time, along with quite alot of pollen.. Still, I'd rather smoke an 8th of Purple Haze then a half of any of the above.. The taste of skunk is so so much better than hash (I guess its 'cause I *have* to smoke a fair bit of it over here..) Plus 'cause the bud is green and natural you feel a little healthier sm0king it.. Oh, nearly forgot, downsides to sm0king hash : Blisters on your fingers :/ Holes in your clothes / books / dvd covers / car upholstery / (looks down) keyboard / mouse etc etc ... I *hate* hotrocks.

  8. So true, we get too much hash over here and not enough grass.....there's some pollen going around but at the moment you'll pay £50 an oz for hash and grass is £140 an oz, i allways find that hash is a heavier stone than grass....makes you wanna not move....everyone fights over who's gonna go down the shops for the munchies....even though i stay above the shop..lol.....grass doesn't do that to me....i'd just get up and go...and feel good in the process....Peace out....Sid

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