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Hash vs Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Pichon, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. Wish one do you like the most. and why?

    Depending on wich weed and wich hash have you smoke take the best weed and the best hash and compare them

    I like weed because we don´t have as much hash as weed only homemade.
  2. its kinda hard for me to answer, cuz ive never had above decent hash before in my life, its always made chemically and shit. I gotta go with weed just cuz its al natural. Hash can be a bit overwealming too if youre just looking for that mellow high.

  3. u can't compare them because it is a different type of high even though it is the same drug it's way different because weed is a mellow level and hash is a pretty extreme high
  4. smoking hash for the first time this weekend, I'm siked!
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    I've been smoking for years now and I've never had hash.. How much different is it then just weed?
  6. hash wins for the most part
    but if i have some thing important to do that day
    i prolly dont want to take 5 hash knifers when i wake up
    but if i get off work or out of class and really want to put my brain in a haze, then 5 hash knifers it is
  7. weed definatly. if it doesnt come from the ground, turn it down. in the notion that some hash's re derived using alcohol or naptha.
  8. Think about it Hash is a concentrate.If you cook when u concentrate it gets better and stronger.Hash for the most part is stronger the highest % THC for buds like 25% hash can be up to 60% depending on quality and methods some oils can be over 90%THC but oils r extracted with butane,alcohol,ether not as healthy as hash or Kief, hash usually made with ice and water only. kief can also be pressed and heated. usually hash also made from trim and outer nuggets but when u use buds especially high quality u get a better product.Most peeps in the US see much hash thats too bad here in cali we good great concentrates most peep here like buds better but europeans luv hash unfortunately they mix in tobacco.When you put a good piece of bubble hash the size of a small thin dime whatch it bubble and sizzle and melt while your lungs expand and your head explodes also you don't have to medicate as much.
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    I like to make hash, but i can only smoke my own. For me, and ive had lots of both in varying quality, hash has always been an intense high with big munchie and tiring crash. I like weed alot more because of its natural and mellow high. also, if i didnt make the hash, i have qualms with trusting that is nothing really bad in there that will cause me to get sick or have a crazy messed up high ( happened to me before, its china).

    I give (my) hash a 9/10 because if I smoke a full gram i get an longer intense high but a smaller crash. I also like making my own because i have found that if you just use thc concentrate, kief, and a little weed, you can make a great hash that has an intense yet mostly natural high.

    I give weed a 10/10 because it is the best thing out there for me. i grow my own and its pretty dank so all my highs are completely natural and a nice mellow skate-buzz. Perfection in a plant.

    EDIT: if you have a really high tolerence, then hash might be the right thing for you.
  10. I live in a hash country and I've had all kinds of hash. Bubble-hash, keif-hash, iso-hash, black (hand-rubbed) hash, bho...

    I like weed the most because I usually get an indica high from hash and the weed I buy seems to be strictly sativa.
  11. i like both
    but there for diffent kinda smoke times too

    i dont want hash as my only smoke bc it is really strong and sometimes overshooting the high i want
    also i feel the most effencnt way and my main way for me to smoke hash is by knife hits but thats not always ideal

    weed is a more natraul and mellow high like other have said and more suited for general use haha and i jus love smokeing dank weed in a bong it taste good as hell

    but to have some hash anlong with weed is perfect bc then bam couple knife hits and im fuckeeedddd:smoking:

    one more thing smoke jus hash for a lil bit then try to go back to green tolerence if fucked even danks seem weak haha

  12. i tend to be a tad bit wasteful with my hash. i like to chop it up and roll a spliff with it. when i was traveling in norcal i would just load bowls of hash everywhere because it was free. i loved it but now days i dont come around it often and its expensive here.

    i wouldnt turn down any of them
  13. yea i usually buy hash when i see it bc i dont see it very often unless i make my own:D

  14. Gotta have herb, hash is just a luxury.:cool:
  15. I love them both, but I don't like smoking tons of hash all the time.
  16. I personally much prefer hash to bud.

    First, I'll say that it is true that hash and bud give you different highs, but they're not that different, and hash is definitely not super-intense or anything. I've smoked Cali medical grade hash that was 70% THC -- full-melt shit. It was really, really strong -- but it wasn't like a totally different, super-overwhelming kind of high. And neither is any of the other hash I smoke (I have 2 grams in the freezer right now...) Hash puts me in a dream-like state that's sort of trippy, like smoking a lot of weed will sometimes, and it makes me sleep forever.

    These are the reasons I like hash more than bud:

    -It's healthier; less leaf matter means fewer carcinogens, and because hash is so much stronger than bud, you need to smoke much less.

    -It gets you higher, gram per gram, BY A LONG SHOT (this is super obvious).

    -It's almost as cheap. If you get a hash connect, it'll probably be something like $20/gram. If you buy 3 grams, you can be high for a week, easy. Compare that to an eighth of good pot for $50-60, and you see the similar price profile.

    -I love the smell and taste of bomb hash. And while bud can taste and smell amazing, it can NEVER have the crisp, dry smoke that hash does.
  17. i prefer weed on my opinion it tastes better :p
  18. I lived in saudi arabia for 3 years and I started smoking around 4 years ago in saudi. the only thing you could get there was hash that came from lebanon, pakistan, israel and afganistan. The shit over there was the strongest shit ive ever smoked in my entire life. I havent smoked shit as strong as that afgani hash for about a year and a half now. It was so cheap there we all sit around a table and each roll a kingsize for ourselves around half way through your first J you cant even sit down normally anymore and want to do nothing but lie the fuck down :D
  19. Envy, +rep

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