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Hash tincture??

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by chickensupreme, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I never made any sort of tinctures before and i have access to decent hash (nepalese temple balls) Now the thing that bugs me i dunno the ratio of the alcohol to hash because i dunno the exact potency although it is pretty potent. anyway howmuch do you think i need for a bottle like this Ricqles Peppermint Cure Drops
  2. that site doesn't say how much fluid the bottle contains

    1gr of hash per fl oz of alcohol should be good. don't forget to decarb
  3. its 1.7f fl oz. Should be enough? So i just heat it in the oven and dumped the thing inside? do i need to crumble the hash or anything?
  4. depends what method you wanna use, there are 2 options:

    a) decarb the hash (20 mins in over at 220f) and let it dissolve in the alcohol for one month, shaking daily. Thats it, just wait a month and shake daily

    b) the warm water bath method. I'm not going to go into detail, just google 'master wu's green dragon recipe' but instead of bud, use hash. And decarb 20 mins @ 220f instead of 5 at 325f like master wu suggests.

    also, you didn't mention how much hash you have at your disposal or how many doses you want out of it, so i can't really help you.
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  5. Hey thanks for the suggestions, i'v never made green dragon before so i'll use about a gram for this to suit the size of the bottle. I,m thinking it would be more than enough as i,m not sure how much the alcohol can absorb. I think i'll go with the double boiler method for a faster result and still store it to use over the summer. Thanks dude
  6. Also i'v read somewhere hash is already decarbed and won't need baking??
  7. depends, hash can be made in a few different ways, some use a little heat others don't. Since we can't know for sure, its still better to decarb it, even if only for 15 minutes.
    also, for 1.7fl oz i'd use about 1.2-1.5g
    then you can drink it in doses of about 2-3 ml's at a time.

    i'm making tincture too, the long way, so i can use it on 4/20 and during the summer. Its been fermenting for about a month and a half now. i'll do a quick double-boiling at the end. Can't wait to try mine!
  8. haha thats exactly what i,m doing too bro! I just put my hash into the alcohol and shook it now its completely brown and cloudy it just dissolve omg :O and i forgot to decarb it aswell. I have no thermometer do you think it'll be safe for me to boil it anyway cuz i saw the you tube video and am aware of the process and how the water should look like.

    hows your tincture going btw?
  9. lets hope it was already partially decarbed then ;)
    And just beause the hash seems to have dissolved doesn't mean it's ready! You still have to wait a month or do the double boiling thing.

    And yes it should be safe to double boil it, just be sure to keep the heat at the absolute minimum. I also don't have thermometer but i know the sweet spot on my stove, just before the alcohol starts to bubble, and thats what you want. If you plan to use it on 4/20, i'd say just wait untill 4/19 while shaking daily, then do the double boiling. Never failed me before.

    And mine is doing just fine, i used about 10g's of dank, some kief and a tiny bit of hash for 4 fl oz. After the double boiling and straining, i will have about 3.5 fl oz left, about 0.5fl oz will be used to share with friends on 4/20, the rest is for this summer. I already tried it once at the 1 month mark and 2ml's got me nicely high for about 5 hrs.
  10. Sweet dude thanks for the reply! hey i wana ask how much alcohol evaporates when you do this? 10 grams, kief and some hash in 4 fl oz O.O holy crap dude thats super concentrated are you trying to reach the stars :p? do tell me how your frist trip goes and oh i'll be on a t break till 4 20 so everything will be INTENSE.
  11. How much alcohol do you want included with the dose? Do you want to drink a shot glass or do it with an dropper?

    How large a dose of hash to you want in a serving? Probably somewhere between 0.1 and 0.5 g.

    How many does do you want?

    If you know the answers to these, it's all pretty simple to figure out.
  12. I wouldnt waste hash on a tincture...
  13. #13 Jezn, Mar 18, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 18, 2012

    its not that concentrated, i think it will be about just right ;) usualy 3.5 fl oz = about 13gs, i made up for the other 3g's in kief and hash.

    And for me, not much alcohol evaporates since i do the double boiling in a jar with a small neck, kind of like the bottle you are using. Since there is not much surface area, not much alcohol will evaporate. If you would do it in a regular mason jar, much more would evaporate.

    why would he be wasting it? Just because he is not smoking it, doesn't mean its a waste. Imo, hash is great for tinctures since you don't have to strain anything out at the end. Also, no chlorophyll, giving it less of a distinct taste.
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  14. I love making tincture out of a dabs all I do I take dabs or rosin or shatter whatever ID carpet I stick it in my dropper vial add about an ounce of alcohol Shake till that dabs is dissolved which only takes about 10 minutes and you have instant tincture that only took you about 45 minutes to make I used to do it every other way that's mentioned in this website and I'll tell you right now start with a concentrate skip the culinary solvent don't use Everclear culinary solvent you can get 200 proof alcohol there's a website culinary solvent. Com it's out of Maine it's pure corn grain alcohol put through a molecular sieve so it doesn't have all that nasty s*** like Everclear I've had excellent results every time I've used it but when you can make a very strong tincture in about an hour by just decarbing a concentrate and shaking in a little bit of alcohol that's the way to do it it's the safest way to do it and culinary solvent. Com offers free shipping it's $42 a quart or you can buy hundreds of gallons if you want check it out

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