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Hash Storage?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by afganman1, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. So you screen all your bud leaves and all the trics make a powder. So this "Hash" powder can be stored? do you have to heat it and press it to store it? Will the powder or the pressed form rot, mold, ect?? Anyway to be sure that the moisture is low enough for long term storage? Thanks.
  2. I have had pressed Kief for months. I don't see why it would go bad as long as you kept it in a cool dry place. Just find a nice sealed jar and you should be fine !
  3. Why do you call it kief? Kief is the accumulated trics that basically fall from buds when the buds are gone you have the kief left over. Hash is screened from bud leaves. I screened it and it is hash not kief. In Afganistan they screen leaves to makes HASH. Why is it Hash and not kief. LOL... Basically kief is the same thing but twice I have been told here it is not hash but kief..? Also I don't want it to last only a few months. I want long term storage maybe over a year. I have seen hash mold so still looking for a good answer I guess... Thanks

  4. Sieved M.J. trimmings result in the golden powder commonly referred to as Kief . It is a messy powder that is hard to handle. Pressing this Kief powder results in HASH. the pressing and forming of the Kief causes friction and heat transforming it into a handy HASH nugget.

    Trics coming from bud or trim is still the same thing, even though you seemed to elude is was something different.

    My answer still stands, after you press it , and it is fully cured, store it in a cool dry place and it should last indefentily.
  5. yea, russy is right. kief is the name for the trichomes that fall off the buds or sugar leaves, hash is the end result of processed kief

  6. Is afghan hash not hand rubbed like in India and Pakistan?
  7. A cool, dark place works so long as the hash is dry enough. For real long term storage you can put it in the freezer.

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