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Hash Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Weed and Wheels, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Whatup GC, I need some help making hash as I have never done it before. I searched the forums n I couldn't seem to find a direct answer to any of my questions:

    1. What is a cheap, yet still effective way of making hash?

    2. Do I HAVE to use clippings/trim/leaves/shake to make it, or can I just use good ol' bud?

    3.after straining the weed for the hash, is that leftover weed still smokeable? How is it affected?

    4. How much weed would I need for about a gram of hash?

    Hope you can help me, thanks and happy toking!!
  2. Iso hash, BHO hash oil
    No you can use green
    Its dunzo
    Not for sure but i would guess close to a oz?
  3. That makes no sense because an oz of flower is like $200 but a gram of hash is like $15-$20...?
  4. 1.qwiso hash
    2.No any part from the cannabis plant is good except seeds and stalks
    3.usually very harsh and not worth it because when you make hash all your doing is stripping buds of thc
    4.Depends on quality of starting material and the way u made the hash

  5. You can get an oz of bud for 50 as well. But thats why it is really only reasonable to make it off plant trimmings. You could maybe do it with like a half of dank but when i made bho i believe a half of dank shake got us less than half a g of hash oil.
  6. Can anyone help me? I made a batch of ISO hash and i didnt realize i used 50% instead of 99% will this effect my high? And will it be anymore/less harmfull? If anyone can help id appreciate it.

  7. It wont be harmful, it will just be a low quality qwiso.
  8. So its just not gonna be a really good high? And how long should it take to evap?
  9. Does anyone know of anything i could use some ol' dried up stems for? I have quite a bit and i was wondering if there was any use doing something with them or should i just toss them?
  10. For weed and stems you an use a kief box. The weed will still be smokable. How much for a gram is dependent on the strain and quality of the bud.

    From a half ounce of bud, I can get from 1 - 2.5 grams pure blonde kief that I can then press into hash.

    The ground up bud will be 85% still as potent. If you use stems, you'll want over an ounce of just stems. Also the key to kief hash is throwing the bud into the freezer then shaking it in the box with a nickel or 2.

    BHO will get you about .8g from a quarter ounce.

    QWISO will get you about 1.5 - X depending on alcohol strength, bath times, quality again, etc.

    Both will render your bud useless - after 2 washes of either.

  11. 50% alcohol is 50% water.

    71% alcohol is 29% water.

    91% is preferable and only 9% water.

    You should have probably done longer washes to get more hash.

    It'll definitely take at least 24 hours, but don't rush it. I wouldn't be surprised I it was closer to 36-48.
  12. I have tried iso hash, bho, and used kief. Best results by far for me was saving up my kief in my grinder and pressing it into hash.

    I made a batch a few weeks ago and it netted me 1.5 grams of some good quality hash. I saved my kief for a few weeks.

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