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hash question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WrathofAmon, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. today when i tried to extract my qwiso from my keif press it started to come out a bit liquidy, but when i put it into the press it was completly evaporated.

    can anyone help me? its my first batch btw, made from 7gs of dank stems
  2. I'm no hash officionado but maybe it absorbed some moisture or was kept near ambient heat?
  3. if thats the case, then what can i do to fix this? i've been thinking of wrapping a heating pad around the press and try to evaporate the excess moisture.
  4. bump for help
  5. Follow the steps exactly. Good hash takes time and care. Usually quality QWISO cannot be achieved in one day
  6. Sorry was away, other than links provided i can only think store it in a cool dark place, airtight. And if its too moist/ liquidey(sp?) leave it out to dry for a few hrs/ a day in a dark(ish at least) place. maybe whip it for a bit if its really oily, wath a poker ofc not a blender or nething haha. better yet smoke it all alone(meaning nno bud) or on sum bud or dab it up haha
  7. i i followed the steps exactly, and even though it was mostly evaporated i let it sit and dry for an extra day. after that extra day i scraped it and put it in my kief press, 2 nights ago, and i haddent unscrewed that till last night

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