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hash question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theright2smoke, May 3, 2011.

  1. [quote name='"theright2smoke"']Been makin hash last couple days its turned out great both times very a buddy of mine came over and was like hey make me some! He brought me some shake/dried leaves and I did it just like always---what does it mean when the water is green? When I did mine (two seperate times) it was a golden or light brown color So I was just wondering What that means? Is this batch not gonna be that good? Will it be bettt.anyone?........anyone.......anyone...LOL thanks a lot in advance
  2. The water? You mean the ISO? If it's green you had it in the ISO too long, the green is chlorophyll. It's still smokeable just isn't going to taste great.
  3. Dude best guess is that all the chlorophyll turned the water green. I'm kinda stumped that your first one came out golden or light brown. That's usually reserved for the later steps after its been put through many of the screens. At first though it should be green, its just all the mashed up plant matter and all that jazz.
  4. I did the blender/ice method all three times, when I did the 1st two like I said turned out great my buddy brought over some stuff(different than What I had) and I did it the same way only it was green rather than the brownish dirty water looking... when I filtered it into my bowl to let it sit once I filtered it into my coffee filters the shit was green...idk either...
    Guess it don't really matter long as it gets me stoned Right?...thanks for the replies.
  5. Ha right might don't matter as long as it gets you high.
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    Yes sir
  7. This.

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