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Hash prices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by minntoker, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. Would anyone know the price of hash in mid MN? How much per gram or something like that. I heard hash is the shit and i wanna try it.
  2. I dunno how much it is where you live, but its $15/gram around here. We dont get hash very often though, but when we do its pretty good stuff.
  3. what's the high like? I heard it's much smoother and mellower than weed.
  4. It's heavier, well good hash is anyway.

    Round here hash is £50 an ounce, £15 a 1/4, £25 a half oz.
  5. I find that I get incredibly fucked off of hash. But that's probably because when me and my friends do get some, we'll do t's till its all gone.

    The high's a bit different than weed, but I haven't had any in months, so I can't remember the finer details.
  6. £45 for an oz,£25 1/2oz £15 1/4 on the south coast of England.I always buy in bulk cause I toke every waking moment and I smoke nothing but hash.I will smoke weed but prefer the high of hashish,especialy squidgy.
    $15 a g seems a bit steep, that works out at about $52 an 1/8.If that's US dollars that converts at about £25 an 1/8
    Expensive shit man!!!!!!!!!!

  7. but when u buy in bulk you get better deals. $15 a gram is mad cheap, usually it's like 20-25 cause weed is 15 a G.

  8. Are you telling me that grass is cheaper than hash where you are? In the UK it's the other way around.An oz of good green is about twice the price or even more than for an oz of solid.
    If you had our hash prices and we had your grass prices we would both be happy campers.

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  9. weed>hash. hands down.
  10. yep whoever gave those prices,...*goes to look* thc, is right. :)*edit (or so ive heard) ... in my area hash is hard to come buy, but you can pick up decent green just about anywhere
    btw, ive never even smoked hash

  11. Yea well hash is supposed to be pure shit, ya know? A lot more thc than bud. But you guys get crappy hash from what I read on here. When we do get hash, which I don't often at all, it's really really good shit, sometimes pure condensed kief.
  12. yeah, that's true. in england we generally get crappy soapbar which for £10 an 1/8

    in america, when you guys get hash it's good stuff like Polm.

    mmm. polm.
  13. It's all about the right people and your own experience.
    The gear I get is always primo solid ,I've been smokin for over 25 years so I think I know the difference between soap (yuk) and good shit.Only the young or stupid get fucked over.
    I know I did many moons ago.
    The best solid I ever smoked was in a mates house in Holland and it was called skuff.Ever heard of it???
  14. Mutant Monkey; nice few lumps there, enjoy the toke. that's we would smoke in a couple of days..i can't really set the exact size of them, we had near a 1/2 oz tonight and it's all gone mnow.
  15. We hardly ever get anything but hash, but it usually comes straight forom Marocco or Afghanistan, so it's usually high quality shit.
    How's the high? When I have both MJ and hash, I smoke MJ if I wanna go outside, play ball, go swimmin'n or snowboarding. If I wanna kick back, watch a movie or activate my PS2, I usually smoke hash. It's a bit heavier.

    Piece of advice: If you can choose which part of the hashbar you want, go for the corners. That's where the oil's at 'n that's the best part.
  16. ive never smoked hash before how do u do it?

    is it just like weed but u grind it or sumthin?
  17. Warm it with a lighter and it should crumble when you rub it between your fingers.Then you can add it to a joint or make a bong mix.You can also dissolve it in hot water and drink it or even grind it with an electric coffee grinder and cook yourself some hash brownies.
  18. So I'm a little confused about the hash in England/Europe. What the hell do they actually cut the hash with? Soap, as in the soap used to clean one's self? Is it hard to tell if it's cut before buying it? Is it safe to smoke the cut crap? Also, how could it be so hard to get bud if hash is readily available? I mean ya need bud to get hash, no?
  19. No its not actually cut with soap, well it may be in some cases, its usually mixed with loads of different types of crap, i stopped smoking some hash after someone informed me they could smell peroxide from it. I now only buy from a trusted dealer - now its pollen/skuff/kif hash for me.
  20. There are differend ways to cut it, but soap is definitely not one of'em. They use tar, shoepolish, anything with brown colour that can be soft enough. To tell whether it's cut, u usually toke up with yer dealer to see the effect. Usually it's not dangerous to smoke the cut shit, but u could get naughtious. Unless yer unlucky and they cut it with some bad shit. But actually I haven't seen cut hash in many years.

    It's way easier to smuggle hash than bud. Hash smells way less than bud and even if you compresss yer bud quite a lot, it's still about 5-6 time the size of a hash bar. 100 g of hash is about the size of a chocolate bar.

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