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    I was just wondering..do you think it'd be possible to put hash inside of empty pill capsules and be able to induce THC into your system from that instead of smoking? Could this be an alternative to making edibles?
  2. No. :wave:
  3. You could just put it in the capsules, and eat it.....
    Although, if you did, it wouldn't work, because THC requires to be heated to activate.

    You can probally do it the same way you make regular THC pills, but with hash...
    pour oil (or a substance with fat in it) onto a pan with the bud and heat it, than pour the oil into empty pill casules and eat it.
    I don't see why hash wouldn't work, but i could be wrong.
  4. Yes you'd catch a buzz, but the amount required to do so more than triples when you
    introduce it to the blood stream via digestion. Which Is why decent pot brownies require
    a good amount of pot.

    Not to mention. Why put it in a capsule that takes time to digest only prolonging when it will take effect. Just roll the hash up into a ball and swallow it.

    On a more realistic note THC pills can be made and do exist. Theyre called Dronabinol However the chemistry set needed to accomplish the desired result would cost you a small fortune. Some people are
    actually prescribed THC pill as an alternative to smoking it for glaucoma.

    In the end the most realistic things to do with your green are smoke it. Make hash out of it
    and smoke it, hash oil, smoke it.. see a pattern here. LOL

    Smoking or vaporizing is the most cost effective and efficient means of introducing
    the THC to your blood stream.

    And I didnt pay attention to who said it. But no THC does not have to be heated to ( activate ) it. THC is THC heated or not...
  5. The term "activated" is misleading, but it's converted to a different form after it's been heated to a certain temperature. THC can get you high if you eat enough, but it takes a significantly lesser amount if it's been heated.

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