Hash pah.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ifoundit@last, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Hi all :)

    10 months ago after using hash for the first time again in years.a lot of mates told me to bin the hash & smoke weed I always said no,Because I thought bud was too strong for me.

    Then last weekend out of hash I had to buy Bud.

    Thank god I did this shit is the best thing going lol.

    Just how clean does this high feel no mong out & still able to function.I think lol

    & the goverments of the world say we should not do this ffs.

    But i had some nice friends who told me to just smoke a little then wait 30 mins to see if I wanted anymore.

    Moral:know how much you smoke ;)

    Hash is for Dire emergencys only from now on.

    BTW I`m 37.
  2. another convert.....well done, if you allways smoked hash, them i'm taking it your from Europe, as our American friends find it really hard to get hash for some reason..........all we get here is soapbar, a dirty hash that has been mixed with a lot of bad stuff like boot polish and henna...........better sticking to the green.......if you wanna try growing it sometime, just visit the grow sections here, and we'll help ya out..........oh and welcome to the site...... :) ......Peace out........Sid
  3. Boot polish? Really, Sid???

    Welcome to the City!!!! :D

  4. How about diesel oil (because it's smuggled inside truck's fuel tanks, goat shit, dirt and useless plant parts...
    I guess Holland is one of the few countries where you can buy good quality hashes. If someone has the opportunity to come overhere, I strongly can recommend Nepalese Temple balls. (make sure that your agenda is empty for the rest of the day:))
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys or gals?.
  6. Reform MaryJane Laws,I`m listening to Angels egg-Gong Btw
  7. HIGH!

    and yes the british hash is sucky. i keep enuf but only for if i cant get any bud. mmmm bud, speaking of whitch.
    Im gonna go get my stash
  8. Welcome to the green city...
  9. Welcome to the City!
  10. elo m8,
    enjoy ur stay at the city,
    Well i smoked the brown stuff for 3 years before i found skunk, and believe me i aint never goin back.I tryed some "decent" stuff in dam(ice cream/temple bull),but still found it to have the solidy taste that green dont have.
    hmmmm smelly green shit

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