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Hash or Dank

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nubcake, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I live in San Antonio texas and have been smoking hydroponic high grade dank every day once a day (on average for 2 years). Recently ive come across hash.

    The hash is 30 a gram and the dank is 20 a gram, what should i buy to get more out of my dollar, i really prefer the hash on top of dank, but is it economical?

    Why would a more potent product be cheaper?
  2. If you can determine that the quality of the hash is quite high without any adulterants or plant matter, then the hash would be more for your money. Although in my opinion you should mix it up and buy some of both because if you only smoke hash your tolerance will go way up. Some people I know started smoking only oil and now they just don't smoke anything but oil because of their high tolerance. Besides buds are always fun to get too :).

    Also, for the question of why a more potent product be cheaper, a lot of the times people can get cheap hash because high up dealers will sometimes kief the buds before selling them to other dealers (lame thing to do..) and have lots of kief, or it could come from trim from the grower. For me, hash is never more than 5 dollars per gram more than buds just because there's tons of it. In some cases hash as actually been 5 dollars per gram cheaper than buds :laughing:.
  3. I know there is probably a million search results for this question but you seem to know your shit, how do i tell the quality besides smoking it? I make sure it doesnt crumble to much, that it has a very fine consistancy, and that with a little heat and pressure it forms togethor. What else can i do?
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    Do you know what kind of hash it is? Bubble hash or QWISO hash or kief press?

    Bubble hash looks real dark brown/amber and should have a pretty uniform color, so no lighter or darker spots for the most part and will become more mailable as you work with it and warm it up, and will bubble up and melt when smoked.

    QWISO is usually less dark colored and sometimes can be blond almost. Sometimes it is more gooey depending on when it was scraped, this will also melt when lit if it is high quality.
    This can be pressed though and might look different.

    Finally for kief press it usually comes in a tablet shape and it is blond colored and is kief, the more green you can see the less potent it is. There are other ways to process kief hash and you can heat it slightly to make it look dark brown like other kinds of hash.

    And I'm assuming you aren't getting BHO because it sounds like you described a more solid hash.
  5. I think it is bubble hash, it is dark brown, the color of hersheys chocolate almost, at first glance thats what id describe it as, its deffenatly very uniform, tbh i enjoy the taste, its almost spicy, but not in a bad way.
  6. From what you describe it sounds like it is pretty high quality hash and that taste is good, I would say it's worth the money. Just don't buy it all the time if you don't want your tolerance to spike :D.
  7. I second the hash. $30/g isn't a terrible price for good bubble hash, and a little bit definitely goes a long way.

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