Hash or Butter?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by sukuhdi, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. So i am about to harvest pretty soon and I am debating whtere or not to make butter or hash with the leftvers. I only have 3 plants yielding 40grams or so each. Which you think do u prefer?
  2. It depends, if you want to make some delicious edibles, go with butter, if you want to get amazingly f*cked up, make you some hash :)
    Then again, if your getting 120g... why not make both? :confused_2:
    But if you plan on doing one or the other, I would make hash. That's just my preferrence though cuz I still live with my parents and making edibles would be kinda tricky =p
  3. im thinking butter
  4. Butter is good, would be able to make a lot of cookies but i dont think you really get to taste the the bud as much when prepared in food form.

    Hash would be good, trainwrek hash on some trainwrek herb sounds delicious.... but i would not get as much, from what ive read
  5. are u talking 40g of trim or 40g of bud ?

    if trim that means u got 120g trim, take an ounce and make butter, and take 92 grams and make some hash, best of both worlds. If you wanna do something else with it though, and your willing i'd recommend BHO or QWISO, or Icolator if youve access to the bags.

    If ur talking bud.... why u wanna turn in all into hash or butter, my choice would be bud lol
  6. Any good recipes on how to make butter?
  7. Hash always does the job, or you coild make some honey oil with all the left over trim.
  8. make some hash man.

    Then if you wanted you could make edibles with hash.

    you cant make hash from edibles thou ;)

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