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Hash Oil!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by aaronman, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I found some pics I took from a while ago, just thought I'd share my experience at making hash oil from kief and some old hash.

    This was my first time so I was very nervous that I would screw something up and lose all my kief and hash, it turned out fine though and hopefully this will inspire others to try.

    Here it is all broken up into the coffee filter


    Allowing the alcohol to absorb the THC


    Here's a drip shot of the THC/Alcohol mix


    After filtering alcohol through the kief/hash several times, I put the liquid in a ceramic bowl within a pot filled with water.


    Most of the alcohol has evaporated...


    Here it begins to take on its hash oil form... It's crazy, as soon as I lifted this string of oil out of the bowl it turned hard and brittle


    And here's the final ball!


    It is hard as a rock at room temp, and requires heat to become malleable. The high from hash oil is totally unique and I reccommend you guys try it.

    peace :smoking:
  2. good job, looks like you got more hash than there was oil in the bowl.
  3. It's weird that it's that hard. How long did you 'rinse' it for?

  4. Do you mean how long did I soak it in the alcohol?

    I re-poured alcohol into the coffee filter probably 5 times or so. I didn't want to take the chance of losing any THC. By the end of the 5th time it was just a very fine powder left in the filter. It had no smell to it

    I have never seen legit hash oil, is it not supposed to get hard like that?
  5. check out the second page of the first link :eek:
  6. huh :confused:
  7. Check your PMs....
  8. Vicious can you PM me too on how to make it? I'd actually like to try that.. Or you could post in the thread too I guess. Thanks.
  9. Pretty much soak it in alcohol, separate the alch and bud, let the alch evaporate off and you're left with ISO hash.
  10. Would you happen to know the THC% of ISO hash by weight? Just so I can compare to how it will be versus smoking bud.
  11. Not sure but I'll look into it. Probably has to do with quality of weed used. I'd guess atleast 35%

  12. In this case it was only kief and hash, wouldn't that make it pretty high?

    I could have double boiled it too long. It was hard when left idle, but as soon as you handle it it becomes more sap like.

    It took me a while to figure the best way to smoke it. At first I tried freebasing it off a blade then tinfoil over coal, but i felt like a crackhead.

    The best I came up with was flattening it into a thin pancake with my fingers and pinching off a golden-transparent sliver and layering it over a bowl. When a flame got near it it would bubble and sink into the crevices of the bud. :smoking:
  13. how much kief did u use?

  14. I don't know, I didn't weigh it. My guess is a 2 grams.

    I know it's kinda hard to tell how much ist here but the first picture is all the kief and hash. I only get headies where I live and I stored up from my space case for about 5 months.

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