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  1. I am about to invest some money into the item I need to make hash oil. I have friends that make some once a week and I plan on learning from him. But before I learn from him I would like to know how other people make it. If someone can post the items I need for the setup and way of making it.
  2. Use bubble bags ( http://www.bubblebag.com/) . Never use butane, iso alcohol or aNything else besides water to make hash
  3. As high a concentrated isopropyl alcohol, 91% or over, as you can find. Coffee filters and a flat plate to evaporate away alcohol
  4. [quote name='"CanadianBuds"']

    I hope you realize how stupid you sounded there.[/quote]

    you're right i'm stupid for not wanting chemicals touching my bud. fyi there's no way to remove 100% of the butane or alcohol so you are inhaling that when you smoke your concentrate. using water is the purest and cheapest method - a double win

  5. course that doesnt make hash oil, it makes hash

    op didnt ask how to make hash good sir

    AND, you clearly have no concept of what traces are, if you use a lighter, ever to smoke a bowl, you inhale more butane per hit than would be in an entire 1 oz run batch of bho.

    Traces are left behind, sure... but if you open a bottle of iso, you just inhaled traces of it, better go to the hospital man....

    I hope you dont use propane for anything in life.... inhaling traces....

    You clean with bleach ever? traces

    see where im going with this one
  6. Also less yielding and less concentrated. I don't understand why people are so ignorant. Do a vacuum purge and 99.99% of the solvent is removed. Because you have a bias you shouldn't be giving advice. Bubble bags work if you have nothing else

  7. Haha you have no idea what you're talking about. Dispensary's sell BHO, and even oil made from Iso sometimes. If purged properly, you get a pure product. Sound's to me like you're just promoting Bubble Bags.
  8. vaccum purging huh? would anyone care to post these purging methods that supposedly get rid of all the butane? back in the day we would just set the plate of oil over a hot bowl of water to let the butane evaporate but you could still taste the butane which is why i switched to water hash

  9. vac purging is when you put the oil in a vacuum chamber after the initial purge is finished. In a vacuum, the boiling temperature of anything lowers significantly. Some vac chambers have a heating element, some you just need to slightly warm the oil and put it in

    The boiling point of butane is then further lowered from its already ridiculously low temp, and it allows for extra purging to occur.

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