Hash Oil?

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  1. Hey guys, I'm kind of new here but I joined for one specific question, but don't worry I'll be around for a while making posts :) but I'm not sure if this belongs here so feel free to move it.

    My question is: What do you guys have to say about hash oil? Im interested in making it myself. So I wanted to know if its worth it? I've smoked hash before and it was the greatest high of all time haha is it anything like that? And how did you smoke it? Like did you use a bowl, papers, a relo? I feel like smoking a blunt of sticky oil wouldn't work to well but you never know and also has anyone ever tried to sell it? I smoke a lot of weed, I buy bud at least three times a week and its usually a quarter to an ounce at a time depending on if its mids or some good quality shit. If you have tried to sell it what kind of container did you put it in? And for how much? Here a gram of mids (lowest grade of weed available) is five dollars and anything above that is 20, there's no in between.

    And my last question is: how do you make it? I heard some ppl put it in the oven and cook it for a little bit, see I can't do that because we don't smoke in the house here so I don't want my house smelling like bud so I would go for just the evaporation method, I really don't want to mess it up and waste weed.

    Thanks for anyone who can answer my question's. Stay high :smoking:
  2. Well Enlightened, some questions I can't personally answer so I'll just answer the things I know for sure.
    Hash and hash oil are two very different processes. Search around here on the forums and you can find plenty of good tutorials on how to make both. Making hash oil is a more involved process. You can either do a Butane extraction which needs to be done outdoors and can be dangerous. Or by cooking it, which makes quite a strong smell.
    "Regular" hash is much more simple to make, more stable, and a more than adequate substitute for oil. Oil IS more potent, but any extraction is more potent than flowers.
    Smoking it just depends on your smoking habits and if you have oil or reg hash. If I have oil I put it on papers, blunts, melt it on bowls, knife hits, on a cigarette, or dabbing if you the equipment. Hash is pretty much the same, just the technique of how you put it in papers is different. With regular hash you can buy a metal screen and just smoke straight hash balls.
    The sky is the limit! :smoking:
  3. How to Make Hash Oil The Easy Way

    Do you think that will work? I really don't want to be cooking chemical's, danger is not my middle name. I don't want to get blown up lol so if it involves cooking Im not going to do it, I'l just keep buying my kush. But does anyone have any idea of how much weed I need?

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