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  1. so i have wanted to smoke concentrates for awhile and just found a connect but im wondering what is the street value for hash oil? keep in mind i live in a none medical state. :smoke:
  2. Well I am probably the worst person to ask about this because I am from cali and make my own. But since no one else has answered I will try to help.

    First honey oil or just hash oil? Second how good is the oil?

    I would say for good honey oil in a non medical state I would not be surprised to see it for $50 a gram. It sometimes still sells for that in cali in dispensaries. Good hash oil isn't much cheaper. 35-40 I would think would be a fair price. Should be worth every penny since weed I doubt is cheap there either.
  3. haha thanks yea i was told it was hash oil but that was from a friend that told me he could get some i should probably try and get in touch with the guy making it. anyone else have some info?
  4. Uhh if it's just some random dude making homemade oil there could be a lot of impurities if it was made improperly. I would say $60 a gram wouldn't be pushing it too far. But $40-60 seems fair.
  5. 50 to 60 down here. I only know a select few who even mainly smoke oil tho and can only buy it in north fla. I just make mine.
  6. In CA dispensaries sell oil retail from 20-60 per gram. That means that most hashmakers are happy with $15 per gram. I rarely see vendors get over 20. Avg is $17. Of course i'm talking about buying 50-100g but who just buys ONE gram haha? There are bho tubes (to blow your concentrate through) and Pyrex dishes at the headshop here. I can get you a tube and some vector...

  7. You're an idiot bro. No one is going to buy 50-100g of concentrates from the club when they could just make their own. That's $500 bucks in taxes you're throwing away. W/e floats your boat i guess.
  8. thanks for the help blades

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