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  1. Greetings! I have always had an interest in making my own hash and or hash oil but wanted to start/try some kind of smaller/simpler system to test. I see GrassCity has a couple of hash oil makers for around 40 bones that I guess you stick an oz into, pump butane through it and hash oil (eventually) comes out.
    Aside from the exciting and entertaining pyrotechnical possibilities stemming from a burnedout pot-head playing with explosive substances, do these little tube gizmos actually work? I know from my 6th grade education that the cost/benefit ratio isn't there but I just want to know if these things actually work or do I need to get a far more expensive rig just to try out the process?


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  2. They do work, but just from your post I feel like you should do a LOT more research into the process or you'll kill yourself.

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  3. Gosh, you might be right! Or maybe the BS-detector needs recalibration, who knows. Anyhow I was serious about asking if these things actually work. I noticed on many sites they were listed with items that I have over the years known to be cheap POS pipes, etc..
  4. No need for attitude when I have you an answer. All glass blast tubes are the best. Many sites sell them, stay away from anything that isn't glass. Have money for it get a titanium extractor.

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  5. Sanitary Stainless tubes > glass IMO
    "I guess you stick an oz into, pump butane through it and hash oil (eventually) comes out."
    dude if you're saying shit like that, expect people to tell you to read more. No ones even being rude, just looking out for your safety(and those you may also be putting in danger)
  6. I guess I didn't consider 'go do research' much of a helpful answer when in point of fact that is precisely what I was doing and got called on it. Looking at the previous post I would assume the answer to my original question of "do they actually work" would be "yes" due to the fact that there are apparently so many kinds and models.
    Thank you for answering the question.
  7. Out of everything in the process
    Purging will probably be your greatest challenge,

    Good luck fellow pot head!
  8. So such a cheap device is worth 40 bones on a "what-if"? May give it is a go then. Would like to make my own oil once..
    @JT1; cheers for the help mate!
  9. You're an idiot, bro
  10. You need way more than the tube to make oil. You need pyrex, filters, vac pump, vac chamber, heating element etc etc
  11. Greetings Dr. Fumbles; Of course it is understood you need some basic things like pyrex, etc. It is described here in the video for the product: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CXFx1xrs9CY . As for the rest of the grear that you mentioned, this was always intended to be a small test to see if it even works, not trying to get some kind of production set going. I thought that was made clear from the comments but I guess not. I mean, who would even look at a small thing like this as a way to make oil (or anything) all the time? They sell it right next to the joke, throw-away travel water-pipes for crying out loud.
    All fooling around aside, regardless of what the Dr. Dre-wannabe thinks above I am not an idiot; as a matter of fact he is probably still grumbling about what an idiot I am while burning a fatty and playing with his playstation...with my software on it. Whatever. He needs to remember that for all he thinks that he is, there was a time in his life where he was learning to not crap his pants. Thus it is, I am learning about oil and hash making from folks I thought knew more and were willing to share what they knew. This only describes Dr. Fumbles and JT1. The rest is just useless noise.
    I just wanted to try to do something more with what I have and was looking for some thing like constructive advice, simple "I have used it before and...." advice and got anything but advice. As an engineer I have always built the stuff I use instead of buying it but this one time I thought to try something off the shelf and came looking for product review by someone I thought I could at least trust a little.
  12. I gave real advice for what you need to make safe smokeable oil and you react like that. I am giving you advice and can tell you how to make oil like this. Making bho shouldn't be something you go cheap with to try out, its dangerous to make and dangerous to smoke if you are not making it right.

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  13. Of course you did; thats what I was trying to say: you and JT1  gave real, from the heart advice and it was very very appreciated! I was saying the *rest* was useless noise...^__^
  14. Well thank you I got confused by it.
  15. No, thank *you* for taking the time and patience with me..
  16. It's way easier to get it from my dealer. He makes some fabulous BHO and doesn't charge much for it. He knows what he's doing, so why spoil a good thing?
  17. I agree 100% it is way easier, way cheaper and probably I would have a better product to enjoy if I did just buy it. But then I would not have the satisfaction of knowing I can do it for myself if I want to. Not that it is a better option, I have found that it is simply smarter to have *more* options in life, even if some of them are not perfect ones...and the economics of making my own oil don't concern me at all because once I know I have the process down, I will be turning to the grow op to supply enough material to drive the cost down. The big picture plan though is to get to a point to make good and reliable hash and for that the grow is essential.
    For now this is largely a proof of concept meaning it doesn't have to be cost-effective. As long as I can prove to myself that I can product usable, good oil then the test is a success..
  18.  You sound like you have common sense, that's really all you need when making oil. I'm paranoid about making it inside because of a gas leak or something, so I always make it outside in an open area as far away as possible from any source of heat and gas. And I use a standard pyrex dish and hot water to purge.
  19. Well thank you for not calling me a moron for trying. As for safety, I have the entire Nevada desert to work in...think: CSI. I am trying this approach because for a first attempt it is pretty self-contained and the outside research I need to do is minimal. Once this works I can sort out different methods, perhaps make my own gear, etc..
  20. That video should just be erased from your memory as there is much more worth forgetting than remembering: Grinding to a powder, blasting indoors, using ronson, purging that much oil for only 20 minutes, evaporating butane inside a basin where it can't escape, using water directly on oil to provide heat, transferring the oil from the razor with heat, and storing in a bottle cap. All of the things I listed should NEVER be done if your end goal is a high quality shatter that won't be harmful while your making it or smoking it.

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