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HASH OIL: How Much To Use?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by ITNinja, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Been trying to find the answer to this simple question for a very long time now. I cannot understand why this information is not more widely available.

    "How much hash oil should I use for a basic dozen of cookies?"

    Should I use 1 gram of oil or would that make it too potent. Let's just assume this oil is of average grade so I don't get any impertinent "Well what kinda hash oil is it" questions.

    Thanks much guys
  2. Dude do you actually want to eat hash oil that's fucking sick just think about it!!!!
    get some trimmings and make pot-butter for cookies......
    smoke your hash oil while the butters cooking
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    Your kidding right.......Since when did I say anything about eating it straight? I asked explicitly how much i needed to mix into a batch of 12 cookies.

    What confuses me is that not a single person on a single forum (I am quite skilled follower of google) seems to want to say how much you should use. This same question or ones much like it are asked all over these forums and others, and not in a single one of thsoe threads is there a legitimate answer. It's drivin me nuts , I just want to medicate properly haha.

  4. Use a gram to start and see what happens from there. If nobody knows, then why don't you be the first to try? Mess around and write up an instructional on it. I'd gladly experiment, but I don't have any spare oil laying around :p
  5. Some people use BHO only to make edibles. Not like it matters when they got jars full of that shit sitting around lol. Be really careful as it's easy to OD on hash edibles especially oil. A gram for a batch is good for a moderate tolerance user. Really depends on what you're trying to make do you want a couple hours good high or lying on your couch wondering why the martians havn't beamed you up yet

  6. XD I would definitely prefer the latter. I like to trip hard x]
  7. a gram sounds light to me for 12 cookies.

    I'd use at least two and then just eat a half of a cookie to test the potency. That way you gauge it by number of cookies to eat.

    Then if one cookie is enough to mess ya up (or half a cookie) hey great! :D
  8. hmm maby because you smoke oil not cook with it... make butter lol
  9. .7 per cookie =o
  10. I'm sure you ran across Rick Simpson's name before but if not he has allot of info on it..
    Of coarse he is trying not to fry you out of your mind. But at least you might have some safe numbers to go by.
    Hemp Oil Dosage Information - Phoenix Tears Library

    Didn't no you could smoke it. Cool!

  11. Hemp oil is different from hash oil.

    I figure when I do a BHO run of 4g of solid A+ weed I get about a gram of A+ hash oil, so I'd start with a gram of hash oil = eighth of weed used to make said hash oil.

    So since you said it's moderate hash oil, use just over a gram for a batch of brownies or cookies. See what happens from there.
  12. Hey, this is my first post on a forum ever. But I do know a bit about cooling with bho. I have an edibles business and all I make them with is oil, or wax. The dies dispensaries in Seattle sell 5 dollar cookies with 20mg (.02 grams) all day long. Good ones have .05) I personally make 15 per gram and never have complaints. If you use .7 like that guy said you would be living with a painful disease to medicate so heavily.
    Simple recipe
    Crockpot -low setting
    Table spoon of sweetened condensed milk.
    15 tootsie rolls
    1 gram hash oil
    Mix all together slowly. Take your time
    When all mixed place into lightly greased Pyrex glass
    Divide in to 15 pieces, wrap back up

    I like to weigh each piece
    If you use the little ones they weigh 6.5 I think.
  13. Use 2-6 grams depending on how heavy you want them. Dissolve the Hash oil into heated butter and follow your recipe.

    I speak from much experience. I use 8 grams in a batch of box brownies and they are hard core. Like they will OD some light weights.
  14. Ha. I don't think the person above is using bho. That would make expensive, excessive brownies. The threshold for oil is .05 when eating. Assuming you make 24 brownies that would be .33 that's close to 7 times what it should be.
  15. I agree with this. But the person above might not be processing the oil(for edible, not referring to the hash oil) properly when making the edibles, thus needing much more to have the same effectiveness.
  16. When purging oil properly (heat am vacuum) you do not need to activate oil. It's good straight.
  17. False. You always need to decarb hash oil before processing it into an edible oil solvent.
  18. I use fully decarbed BHO:D I like 6 grams to a box of brownies and sometimes more. I dont look at the cost as I make my own BHO. To each there own but I like to get slammed not medicated.
  19. How are you processing it? We're saying if done right, you could get much more out of that and still get just as slammed.
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    My honey is 95% decarbed or more and usually around 70-80% total content according to testing at analytic 360. How I process it is in my sig.

    I simply dissolve it into butter and follow the recipe. Sometimes i use other oils.

    Other people use this method and are very happy with 2 grams but not me.

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