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hash oil from already been vaporized weed

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by alterboy101, May 30, 2009.

  1. i was wondering what is the best method, i heard ethanol, 200 proof. and if anyone knows the recipe (like how much alcohol per oz), that would be awesome. thanks a bunch!:wave:
  2. Either that or 91% ISO.

    You're not going to get 200 proof ethanol, btw. Even Everclear is 95% at most. Most 'pure' ethanol is also denatured and not good to use.

    You want just enough to cover the vape poo. The rest of the process is like making any other QWISO type hash oil.
  3. so what do i do exactly? i'm sorry i've never done this before, any suggestions are helpful, right down to what i even cook it in, or store it in for least "sticky" loss (i heard just using a bunch of keif really helps with loss in hash oil, cooking, but then you lose the point of making hash oil)

  4. Treat it just like you'd treat normal weed for making qwiso, as documented here and
    here by my good friend AugustWest and myself.
  5. yo just look up threads about making QWISO, the poster above has a very good thread about it i believe.
  6. Mix it with a little bit of some fresh weed so you can get the 'full effect'
    Vape poo and whip oil only gives a stoney type of high, it doesn't feature all the cannabinoids that mj does.
  7. You can use either isopropyl alcohol (not rubbing alcohol, it isn't the same and not acetone) or ethanol alcohol. Any concentration of those alcohols above 90% is what you should be using, any less and the concentration of the alcohol is too low and the chemical process (decarboxylation) is slowed significantely, and evaporation of the alcohol takes longer because it isn't as concentrated.

    Just to clear up what oldskool said, if you have pure ethanol it is fine to use, but if you have denatured alcohol (even if it is above that 90% concentration) denatured alcohol means that it has posions and other additives added to it to make it unconsumable to humans as well. You should not ever make hash using it.
  8. Not going to get anything from vaped weed.All the good stuff is gone.
  9. That's just plain not true. There is less THC to other cannabinoids because THC has a relatively low boiling point, but unless you've heated it several times almost to the point of burning there is plenty of good stuff left.

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