Hash oil for my ecig apparently?

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  1. So just went to my vape lounge/shop (ecig vape shop juices ect,) and this chill dude i went to highschool with ownsthe place so he knows me gives me cheap juice cuz i go there alot ect. 
    So today it was close to closing time so the shop was dead. He's like hey try this new shit i got man. So i screw the tank onto my vape and i instantly taste pure weed. I was like woah this is amazing let me get a 15ml bottle. He's like noo dude its strawberry cough hash oil. Of course i hit it few more times, He was telling me how he just takes 3hits of it here and there and its like a mellow weed high just extremley relaxing helps you sleep ect. He sells it for 20$ and loads it in the tank (an average cheap smoketech tank there like 2$ or some shit) 
    I'm wondering if this is just all in your head or whatever because i thought hash oil was suppose to get you fucking ripped...it defnitley isnt just weed flavor though because i'm no noob you can clearly tell when you hit it there's gotta be bud in it.

  2. "I see" said the blind man.
  3. ...im trying to find out if this is legit or not man. im defnitley not getting baked off it or anything but i do notice relaxation. maybe its some weak ass shit or just was bs. thats why im asking u guys if anyone else has encountered something like this
    -i am getting cotton mouth from it but also idk, placebo? 
  4. How much do you smoke and how often do you smoke oil? Sounds legit. It's hard to make things taste like weed without weed.

    I would assume he's makings it. Hash oil is fairly simple to make. I used to sell it until it went out of style around my town but yes, hash oils are available in dispensaries. Not recreational tobacco smoke shops where I'm from.

  5. $20 for a chamber is a very good price also.

  6. this is my first oil experience actually, but i do smoke bud on the regular, he selling it under the counter dont live in medical state sadly. 
  7. Me neither. But hey no issues over here! Ya I smoke bud daily a decent amount and the first time I smoked oil out of a pen it only slightly even did anything.

    Dab hits are a whole different story though. Those will cash you out.

  8. ahhh so dabs are were the potency is at. I was thinking hash oil was going to wipe me out aha. But alright good.
    appreciate the response man
  9. Is it strait hash oil or is it diluted with PG/VG?
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    Do I or any one else know if it has thc or how much ? no

    Does such a thing exist ? yes

    If your so into this Its also possible to make yourself so you dont even need to take the risk.
  11. defnitley a possibility, ima have to go back tomorrow get some details
  12. buy a mix kit and mix shatter into your own vape oil. Easy Peezy. Gets you ripped.
  13. Screw that shit just vape the oil in one of the many devices intended to vape it.
  14. For sure. I just had my hands on a bunch of pure shatter instead of oil and got this mix kit that made the shatter into an oil. It actually seemed easier to vape and it was very tastey and the high was great. I like to have it in a small vaporipen so it worked perfect for me. 
  15. Screw that vape the pure shatter. Why would you want to add anything to your hash?
  16. For the discreetness. I put it into an incredipen because its small and i carry it with me at work. Gets me as high as a G pen- yet can smoke it right infront of somebody without them knowing, you can have it with you on a night out all night and never have to mess with loading it. Of course when i get home i put that crap away and go for the real stuff :smoke:
    Why not get a real vape pen that is meant for hash? And I dont mean that gpen crap. .

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