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  1. I've been asking around the forum tring to figure out what I have, and I've made it to this category due to mixed answers.

    The oil is my concern, and how to make it. When searching, I'm seeing it calledany thimgs, and lots of photos I see shows more of a solid product.This is more of a liquid. It's more consistent with honey, but thicker. Like tree sap. You get the gist.

    I have grown before, and used trim to make a blonde type of hash. If I didn't let it dry for a long time it would make more of a tar, but never a oil like this. I basically mixed trim and 99% rubbing alcohol, filtered the plant out, and poured in a large Pyrex dish. I let it sit under a fan for about a day or two, and was left with a hard layer that I had to use razor blades to scrape up.

    Is the sticky in this section on making oil what I'm looking for? He uses alcohol and a griddle and basically boils the alcohol out of it. I was thinking that is the second concept as I did before, but only I was left with a solid/wax type of product. The oil I have taste like bud, and doesn't blow huge clouds. One guy mentioned mixing pg/VG oil, but another guy said never do that?

    I smoke it in the pen you see attached that has a small battery, and a fiberglass wick they absorbs it and feeds it to the coil to vaporize it. So you can see why a solid wax/powder type of has won't work for me. I love this pen as it stones me way more than a joint, with little to no odor, and is super discreet. And it packs one he'll of a punch. The problem is my hookup is getting less and less reliable.

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  2. do you think this is what I have in the pen? It's much thicker than the ejuice I have for my mod box...

    The taste is super herb too. It's a brownish golden honey that is super thick...

    Doing it with the way attached, it almost looks like I could put that in my sub ohm tank
  3. Yup, I've used the same style of pen. When I make this, I use about 2ml per gram to bring the potency down. Perfect for on the road medicating. If you like this, I recommend upgrading to a proper vape unit, similar to the one in the article.
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    I have a sub ohm tank that I smoke my nicotine with bit I'd be afraid that it burns too hot for this stuff. And this stuff seems way too thick for it. The juice I use for it is super thin compared to the weed oil. What do I even call it?
    This stuff is really thick, it comes in these cool little plastic vials, it's shaped like a little bubble with a stem coming off of it, and the stem is crimped at the end.
    So even with it that thick, I can smoke it in one of these mod boxes? Or do you think it's possible this stuff doesn't have any of that Ejuice mixed in it? Because it's super potent and thick. When you first cook it and store it, is it thick and syrupy? Because that's how this stuff is, I'm curious if it is actually mixed with anything

    Also, why is this guide requiring me to put the bud in the oven for 20-30bminutes, and some say freeze it?And to put it in the jar and shake it and then filter it? I've read that if you cook it in the oven it degrades the thc? I also read not to keep it in the alcohol so long because it can degrade as well as such all the chlorophyll out of the leaves and other bad resins?

    Sorry for all the questions and concerns, I just want to go into this understanding it thoroughly. Thanks for your help!

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  5. also, if you look at this pic in the guide he says if using already vaped bud, to use 3x more and says because it has been decarbonize, so why would you do it with fresh bud?

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  6. Check out vapour extract and holy terp. Philosopher from holy terp has a strong pine taste that I love.

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